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Did you hear the one about the guy with magic mushrooms, ammo and a pit bull?

  1. Balzafire
    View attachment 16711 ELGIN -- So some cops walk into a bar ... and bust a guy they say was peddling psychedelic mushrooms.

    Police said it happened this week while officers were looking for 32-year-old Ian B. Henning, who had failed to appear in court on a drug charge.

    Following up on a tip, police found Henning about 6 p.m. Tuesday sitting inside the Streets of Chicago bar on South McLean Boulevard in Elgin. After arresting Henning, police searched his vehicle parked outside the bar and discovered 4 pounds of Psilocybin mushrooms with an estimated street value of $26,000, plus 83 rounds of Winchester 9 mm bullets and an unattended pit bull, police Sgt. James M. Lullo said.

    "Yep, like back from Woodstock -- hallucinogenic mushrooms," Lullo said.

    Henning, who lives on Bonnie Lane just west of Elgin, was charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance and possession of firearm ammunition by a felon, police said. He also faces misdemeanor charges of driving on a revoked license and failure to appear in court and pay fines related to several previous traffic and drug charges in Kane County, police said. The controlled substance charge is a Class X felony, with mandatory prison time if convicted.

    Henning's bail was set at $100,000 during bond court on Thursday. He is to appear in court again on Sept. 22.

    During bond court, Henning asked Kane County Judge Bruce Lester if his bond could be reduced.

    Lester replied, "You are a convicted felon, admitting to selling drugs, with live ammo in the car," and promptly denied the request.

    At least 10 local law enforcement agencies have had a turn arresting Henning since 1994, including police in Hampshire, Gilberts, East and West Dundee, Carpentersville, Geneva, Elgin and Sugar Grove and the Kane County Sheriff's Department, according to Kane County court records.

    Henning's arrest on Tuesday was the product of a joint investigation between the Elgin Police Drug Unit and the Schaumburg Police Tactical Unit, Lullo said.

    Mushrooms -- at least the hallucinogenic kind -- apparently are not a common drug in the Elgin area, and the quantity that Henning is accused of possessing is "very high," Lullo added.

    Police said they believe Henning collected the mushrooms locally from wild areas in the county and intended to sell them in the Elgin area.

    Henning was arrested without incident, and his pet pit bull was placed with a family member, police said.

    "It was a nice dog," according to Lullo.

    Correspondent Janelle Walker contributed to this report.

    September 10, 2010


  1. Terrapinzflyer
    How on earth do they come up with such numbers?! This works out to $6,500 per pound, $406.25/oz, $101.5/ $1/4oz , or $14.5/gm which is ridicuously inflated, not to mention the picture shows they were clearly being "wholesaled" in 1/2pound quantities.

    Surely such number games by authorities are prejudicial in terms of both charges and sentencing. (both judges and juries must be influenced by being told a defendant hat $10,000 worth of drugs as opposed to $1,000 worth)

    Does anyone know if there has ever been a legal challenge to such things? I can't help but feel that it must taint the case unfairly and must have been challenged in court.
  2. godztear
    As far as my experience goes on drug possession, the estimated street value doesn't play too large of a part in court, it goes mainly off of weight. Estimates are circumstantial and that evidence is usually dismissed. The street value they gave is just a way of patting themselves on the back and telling their co-workers "good job."
  3. FreeBliss
    does anyone know what state this is in?
  4. mokoceno
    It's Elgin Illinois, and swim could be wrong but he though that there were no psilocybin mushrooms in Illinois. If anyone knows otherwise let swim know because he's ready to go huntin.
  5. Terrapinzflyer
    @FreeBliss: mentions the arrest at a bar in Chicago, and the paper is a Chicago paper so it would appear to be illinois.

    Indeed- good point. But it still seems media coverage touting such figures would be prejudicial when it comes to trial. It is similar to the old lawyer trick to make statements that they know will be stricken from the record knowing full well it can't be struck from the judges or juries mind.

    Just another part of the propaganda that makes drug policy reform harder...
  6. FreeBliss
    Thats what I was wondering because swim lives kinda by elgin IL
  7. ianzombie
    Swiy is presuming they were actually picked wild.
    Magic mushrooms can be grown anywhere, Swim is sure that admitting to growing them would possibly carry additional convictions.
  8. EyesOfTheWorld
    SWIM is sure he will stick to the picked-wild story if he has any brain at all. And that shit about "street value" pisses SWIM off. He know nowhere in the nation where four pounds of mushrooms would bring $26 G's, even pieced-out in half eighths. SWIM of course has never sold drugs or anything, but he does know his drug prices on every weight of every drug (following the market has been a hobby of his, just for fun, for years), and has yet to read a police report where they get it right. And they NEVER underestimate. Hope that doesn't go towards his sentence in any way..........but if one is moving weight in a small town area and gets caught several times, it's time to move or find a new line of work. And for fuck's sake don't hang out in your known favorite bar in your hometown when you know the cops are looking for you:confused:
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