Die a Hero or Live long enough to see your become a Villian

By Fauny · Feb 14, 2013 ·
  1. Fauny

    I remember the times i vowed to never drink or do drugs and those vows were true.
    Just was very careful about my body and the things i put in it.
    So everything was swell until i slipped up one night and indulged in Nature's green grass and russia's favorite drink.
    The experience sent me pummeling into a airbed which was laid out for me as i wasn't home.

    Fast forward years later...

    After a recent death of a close cousin i was contemplating a wee bit bottle of Russia's drink again
    which was a gift from a co worker. I didn't want to drink to suppress my grief, but
    to celebrate and calm down some. The drink was consumed and due to my strong will it had barely
    any effect.

    A quick spontaneous thought
    Why do people always try to pressure someone to smoke with them, actually rephrase pressure with
    something along the lines of join or be a outcast. Is it they are lonely or want to spread the greatness?

    More years later...
    Fourth quarter of last year I lost both fathers within three months. One was very sick and other passed in a crash that landed me here...
    And my loving careful girlfriend was a evil rotten succubus. She left me when i needed her the most

    After being in the hospital i had a great experience with percocet never knowing or thinking
    twice about its recreational use. It wasn't til i was delivered back home with oxycodone and that alone..
    opened my eyes to this great dimension. X number of oxycodones , hydrocodones, tramadols later i was fresh out and still felt pain so i found a new love and her name was Poppytika Shiniqua Tyson. I called her PST for short, after we dated and learned about each other. I found the best place to take her for our anniversary, some big giant red mill. It was well built and felt strong to the point where we made love all over the place and i squeezed her like a lemon. ;)

    One night PST didn't seem as great as she became boring and lethargic so i went out and found another woman name Cindy who worked at a company called international spice. Cindy was alright , but she made me miss Poppytika more so i ran back to her and busted out a whole new set of moves which made her happy and as potent as ever. Sometimes i would joke about drinking her bath water. As of lately we have been going strong and she wants me to meet her very sweet and elderly aunt Kraticia who resides in the everglades. TBC..

    Typed on tablet,Sorry for Grammer.

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