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By fnord · Jan 6, 2008 · ·
  1. fnord
    "One day, I came upon a man urinating in a bus station. When I confronted him about his action, he turned to me, without stopping, and said:
    "Keep in mind that since the universe is in constant flux, nothing that occurs one moment has any relevance to anything else. Everything you belive, feel or think is based on the false assumption that truth exists. Thus, you are free to do any action which brings you pleasure. That humanity feels constrained by morals is one of the funniest jokes I've ever heard."
    So I beat the shit out of him and took his wallet."

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  1. turmoiled
    I needed a good laugh thanks !!
  2. chemlove
    Well i believe that our universe is also in a form of flux though i do not use urinary actions to show my support. I also believe that every action has an opposite or greater reaction. The biggest joke is that humanity feels constrained by morals, that is correct. the other funniest thing is that humans believe that we actually affect the true universe when in numerical truth we are just another small meaningless part of this big ever expanding universe. And our true purpose is to record our feelings and things that happen in our worlds as individuals that our important in our own minds.
  3. savingJenniB
    You are what you think. Think it today.
    Become it tomorrow.
    Nothing can help you or hurt you as much
    as thoughts you carry in your head.
  4. enquirewithin
    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law!
  5. Alfa
    Dont forget the love under will part.
  6. drbeer
    Boozer believes, we're all our own universe, and that each universe tends to bring to itself what it can give... if that makes sense lol
  7. sylenth
    reminds me of people that wash their hands after urinating. did they urinate on their hands by not holding their penis correctly? or do they think their penis is dirty & do'nt want to dirty or infect others? or does it just seem right because others have always done it?

    if anything, washing their hands before the act would make more sense... but why bother?
  8. enquirewithin
    Some people piss on their hands!
  9. sylenth
    well then it is fine to wash your hands out of courtesy. lol.

    but i have asked people i know why they wash their hands afterwards & they say they do'nt know! habit... ,,,routine''' not very aware to their daily tasks. i'll piss on his hands & give him a reason to wash up :crazy
  10. enquirewithin
    Does anyone want a Discordian Tarot pack? No-- well, here it is anyway!

    All you have to do is print it, colour it in and you have a floppy tarot deck, guaranteed to be every bit as accurate as a conventional tarot deck.
  11. savingJenniB
    Kewl Kards! Thanks Enquire.

    I wash my hands before I pee out of respect for myself
    And after out of respect for others

    Where the hell is this blog going????
    What day is it?
    Who am I????

  12. fnord
  13. enquirewithin
    Finally Bono does find what he's looking for!
  14. enquirewithin
    A Black Iron Prison has also appeared but this, whilst based on Horselover Fat/ Phil Dick's pink light revelation, is not up to the standard of the Principia.
  15. fnord
    im deleting my non-drug realted blogs in a bit i thiunk,just thought id bump this for those who have not seen it.
  16. RaverHippie
    I hope copies are saved, they're amusing bits of wordsmithing for sure.
  17. fnord
    this will be cut/pasted into my profile.blog is for drug related subjects and this is not really one of them.
  18. savingJenniB

    Hope you don't mind ~
    i took a souvenir for the refugee camp?

    Love your spirit ~ sJB
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