Discovery finds link between the brain and the immune system

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  1. Pjotr777
    Discovery Finds Link Between the Brain and the Immune System
    In a stunning discovery made by the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine, researchers have overturned decades of textbook teaching by determining that there is a direct correlation between the brain and the immune system. For years scientists have been trying to correlate the relationship between the two, yet they lacked the evidence to show how our thoughts and feelings (or neurochemistry) could affect our overall health. This groundbreaking finding could have significant implications on our understanding of how the brain and immune system interact, as well as enable scientists to target the immune system for the benefit of the brain.

    What this correlation hopes to uncover is the understanding of how inflammation begins to create—and is responsible for—certain diseases. For instance, with diseases such as Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, and autism, when the immune system is suppressed and inflammation goes up, either diseases are activated in the body or the symptoms of the existing diseases are exacerbated. Why? Because when we’re living by the hormones of stress for extended periods of time, inflammation diminishes and compromises the function our immune system.

    “It’s crazy, but maybe we are just multicellular battlefields for two ancient forces: pathogens and the immune system. Part of our personality may actually be dictated by the immune system,” said Jonathan Kipnis, chair of UVA’s Department of Neuroscience.
    This exciting new breakthrough in science could explain why we’re seeing so many amazing healings in our workshops. In meditation, as our students move into elevated states of being by embracing feelings of love, joy, gratitude, their future, etc., these feelings drive new modes of thinking. This in turn creates new brain chemistry, brings our brains into coherence, and engenders new synaptic connections—which then influences our bodies in very immediate and direct ways.

    As people begin to overcome emotional states that keep them connected to past experiences—as they break out of redundant habits and automatic programs, as well as change certain self-destructive attitudes and beliefs—aspects of their immune system up-regulate genes. This means that their thoughts and feelings are signaling cells within the body’s internal defense system to turn on healthy genes to make better proteins—otherwise known as healthy anti-bodies—as well as a host of other beneficial chemicals to balance and regulate the body. This process in turn reduces inflammation, suppresses tumors, mobilizes enzymes, and so on.

    So the next time you sit down to create a better life, a healthier body, or a new experience, just remember that your brain and body have never been separate and the bridge between them is your immune system. You see, your body has always been spying on your brain. So why not use your nervous system—the greatest pharmacist ever—to activate your body’s internal army to create order for you every day? You don’t even need a prescription.

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    Written by: Dr. Joe Dispenza, Jan 1, 2016, Joe Disoenzas blog

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  1. aemetha
    I'm confused. What's the discovery? We've known for years that stress suppresses the immune system, that's not a new discovery.
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    2. Pjotr777
      Need more proof?
    3. aemetha
      We do act. There's a huge amount of research that goes into combating stress and its consequential physiological effects.
    4. Cid Lysergic
      Ditto what @aemetha said. Example, week ago my bedroom floods & I awake to my PlayStation 4 being completely submerged in water. Then I had to go to a family birthday with kids ranging from 5-15 being in my personal space area REALLY close as I am playing Sonic The Hedgehog & they want to play it as well. Plus adding a stressor (the situation) with germs & my natural antisocial anxiety and Methamphetamine on top (it for sure doesn’t help the immune system that’s for sure).

      The fact I got sick was almost predictable. Oh well, still an alright article I suppose.
  2. Pjotr777
    There is enough scientific evidence indeed, thats why I am trying to say. However I dont see any outcome of that research to start making a change in our society. On the contrary.
    1. Pjotr777
      Other than chasing angels and daemons for instant alleviation of suffering
  3. Pjotr777
    Soon depression will be the leading cause of disability worldwide.
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  4. Pjotr777
  5. Pjotr777
    and the opioid crisis, and every year more burnout, 1 out of 10 employees in the Dutch educational and health system have burn-out symptoms. This is even gonna increase because more and more people get diseases because of ancestral trauma and long term epigenetical damage.
    We have to change something fundamental.
  6. Hanjoo
    The Way of life of this century is bad for many people, depression, anxiety, drug use, we are not made to live as work slave.
    Fuck this capitalist/mondialist world
  7. Pjotr777
    I fully agree!

    As soon as temperatures reach around 7 degrees I sleep outside in my yard under the shed under thick layers of blankets. In summer I take cold showers in the garden and if I need a warm shower I cycle to the gym.

    I am almost a raw vegan and at most I eat fish or sea-fruit once in a while or meat if I’ve been offered and invited.

    I cancelled tv, Internet and radio per 11 March because I don’t like second hand experiences or news.

    If news is already fake, how about history.

    We extinguish ourselves if we don’t act now!

    I have ultra low bills and in summer I don’t even need solar energy because I don’t consume energy at all.

    Therefore I also don’t need to work that hard anymore and I have much more time to study, the only thing I ever could do well in my life.

    I am a classical example of a one flew over the cuckoos nest, misdiagnosed with almost everything except adhd and depression. Because I have been telling them for 20 years that medication makes me more ill but I suffer from severe PTSD. Since in their narrow minded DSM biased huge ego can’t accept their mistake, they kick me out of the mental health care system and I started to heal myself.

    I went down the rabbit hole and I never expected what came out of it.

    Theee generations of trauma, I cured with a couple of months of LSD assisted therapy all by myself.

    God, I am proud of you!

    Thank you.
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