Discovery Of Huge Weapons Cache South Of Laredo, Texas

By Balzafire · Aug 11, 2010 · ·
  1. Balzafire
    Adding to the concerns of illegal immigration, drug cartels, and terrorist operators crossing our borders, comes an even more disturbing discovery!

    Mexican law enforcers and agents literally stumbled upon a gigantic cache of weapons capable of supplying a small army. As agents entered the area they were fired upon by one smuggler who was quickly dispatched by a barrage of rifle fire. Other smugglers escaped.

    As agents poured over their frightening discovery, it was glaringly apparent that someone was planning a major military operation. Of more concern was the presence of marked uniforms with unknown icons stitched into the fabric. It was clear that whoever was about to stage the attack wanted the operatives to appear to be either police or army designed to create confusion and to delay response from local authorities.

    One need only to recall the horrific attacks in India at Mumbai that created so much devastation and also caused enough confusion that delayed the arrival of the Indian military. Because the attack was so fierce and unexpected, response by Indian units was ineffective and too little, too late once they began to engage the attackers. Many of the operatives simply got away without being identified. The coordinated series of strikes were eventually identified as having been planned by Muslim forces.

    This was a “false flag” operation which demonstrated just how effective such a strike could be. Such operations have been used for decades to create catastrophes that have caused wars and pitted allies against allies over the bloody history of the 20th Century.

    Alarmingly, this appears to be the motive behind the incredible cache of military hardware that was confiscated by Mexican authorities. With the absolute refusal of the Obama administration to enforce border violations, this is what innocent Americans now potentially face. When we have a DEA that operates all over the world supposedly trying to suppress drug trade, we can't even intervene in gun runners operating so close to our borders!

    Among the deadly items that were appropriated in the seizure were 60 hand grenades, 200 heavy weapons, assault rifles in great number, hand guns, grenade launchers, stores of ammunition, along with several brand new SUV’s stolen from the US, worth $380,000 dollars. One vehicle was already loaded with a pile of assault rifles. The grenades alone would have had a street value of $5,000 a piece!
    Among the military grade stash of weaponry were a collection of police type bullet proof vests.

    Arabic writing was found scrawled on some of the weapons. Is this a big surprise as to the origin of the hardware?

    This is not news that we could expect from ABC, NBC, CBS, or even CNN. This information was actually picked up from a Latin broadcasting group, who reported the story. This is further damning evidence of how our state news agencies have conspired with the federal government to black out news and subsequently, the truth. Our very own mass media is no better than Pravda or Tass, the former Soviet state owned news agencies whose only job was to repeat what they were told to print.

    We are now under a government here in the United States that cannot protect us against our enemies because they are the enemies themselves. Liberals would say that the information in this article is an example of fear mongering or disinformation when it is, in reality, the sad state of affairs that is one of many symptoms inherent in a radical leftist takeover of our republic by the Obama’s administration.

    This information was originally reported as a seizure that occurred on the Arizona border, but is now alleged to have originated 140 miles south of Laredo, Texas in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. This, however, does in no way alleviate concerns that huge stores of weapons are being confiscated so close to the US border. Not to mention the fact that there is a concerted effort by some liberal groups to black out news stories that make the Obama administration look bad. One must read between the lines in some instances.

    Just as a recent story of a Mexican drug cartel gang commandeering a remote south Texas ranch was dismissed until further investigation proved that there was truth to the story, we must be aware that true journalism in the US may be dead thanks to biased support of the Obama administration by our liberal mass media.

    It is time for a regime change when our federal government refuses to protect its very own citizens!

    Dallas Tea Party Examiner Doc Vega
    August 11,2010

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  1. godztear
    I thought they said that the ranch takeovers turned out to be false rumors?

    This seams like the same situation, immediately stating that it is due to media blackout with Obama.

    It doesn't surprise me that the "newly" developed Tea Party is promoting this, considering they want to run in the upcoming elections (including presidential when it hits). Smear ads are all over the television, I hate this time of year.

    My name is godztear, and I approve this message.
  2. Balzafire
    I've been seeing a lot of story's lately claiming the ranch thing was true. As soon as I find a really good one, I'll update that thread. I appreciate that you read all this stuff Godztear, you are as big a news hound as I am!
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