Dismantling a network of hashish between Spain, Morocco and France

By Terrapinzflyer · Apr 27, 2010 · ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Dismantling a network of hashish between Spain, Morocco and France

    MADRID - The Spanish authorities have dismantled a smuggling hashish network between Morocco, Spain and France, arresting ten people and seizing 2.3 tons of hashish, police said.

    Tucked away in boats departing from Tangiers (northern Morocco), the drug’s first destination was for Andalusia (southern Spain) before passing to France, where other traders in Paris financed these operations.

    For several days, investigators have followed the journey of a boat leaving from Tangier to Andalusia, and have arrested a member of the network, shortly after unloading the drugs on the banks of a Andalusian river.

    Following the arrest, the Spanish authorities arrested Monday simultaneously in four cities of Andalusia nine other persons.

    In total, three Spaniards and seven Colombians were arrested.

    About 2.3 tons of hashish, a stolen van in which the drug was loaded, 41 telephones, two jet skis, two mechanic shovels were seized.

    The purchase of the drug, its introduction in Spain and its transit to France were organized directly from Ceuta (Spanish enclave in northern Morocco) and Cadiz (south), making Spain a "springboard" to drugs to France, its ultimate goal, said the statement released Thursday.

    Spain is one of the main gateways of the drug in Europe, whether hashish from North Africa, or Latin American cocaine.

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  1. mickey_bee
    Surely they must have known about this for a while,-it's logic.

    The hash/hash oil is produced in northern morrocco, then it's just a quick jump over to spain and you're in the EU.
    When swim went to morrocco, he went to chefchaouen(sp?) where they produce all the hash, and before he had even walked the 1/4mile into the center of town, he'd already had people offering him a tour round their processing plants and asking how many kilos he would want.....

    Hashish is Morocco's principle income, it even beats tourism. And it's right by spain, so why is this news????
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