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  1. Lunar Loops
    This from BBC News website:

    Dismissal for drug test soldiers

    Seventeen soldiers will be dismissed from the Army after they tested positive for drugs.
    The soldiers from the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders were tested after returning from a break in the Mexican resort of Cancun.
    An Army spokeswoman said their Commanding Officer had applied for their discharge, which would happen in "the next few weeks".
    Defence chiefs would not confirm those involved had taken Class A drugs.
    The soldiers reportedly took heroin and cocaine.
    An Army spokeswoman said drug taking of any kind was not tolerated in the armed forces .
    A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence added: "Drug use is incompatible with life in the armed forces and is not tolerated.
    "Positive test results in the Army over the past four years average around 0.7% compared with over 7% in civilian work place drug testing programmes."
    The Argylls, the 5th Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, had been sent to Cancun after an exercise in the jungles of Belize lasting several weeks. It is understood they were tested on their return.


  1. trptamene
    Ya...thats why we gave our souldiers speed during WWII...I'm sure they give pilots amphetamines currently as well.
  2. Coconut
    You know I was just thinking that before I read your post. Good point.
  3. KyleM
    SWIM thinks they're referring to schedule 1 drugs as not being tolerated. Amphetamine/methamphetamine are schedule 2 and can legally be prescribed by the military.

    SWIM is currently in the Air Force and has a current prescription to amphetamine (adderall), which the doctors prescribed without hesitation. What amazes SWIM is how much the military promotes drinking, yet has a major problem with alcohol-related incidents. There aren't too many squadrons on SWIM's base where beer on tap isn't provided and used during the duty day. SWIM has witnessed many F-16 pilots drinking a glass of beer at work. And as most intelligent users of this forum know, statistically alcohol is much more dangerous and has more negative consequences resulting from its use than most scheduled drugs. Yet the mere fact that it's legal is all the military is concerned about and the fact that scheduled drugs are illegal.
  4. Zentaurus41
    Wasnt that the main reason why the uk had strict drinking laws ?
    To stop people getting wasted during the WW1 or was it WW2.
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