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  1. chillinwill
    In an unforeseen plot twist, Adam Goldstein's (more commonly known as DJ AM) estate has filed a wrongful death suit against Clay Lacy Aviation, alleging that last year's plane crash was the eventual cause of his fatal drug overdose.

    The suit, now in LA County Superior Court, charges that Goldstein, a recovered addict, was forced to take numerous drugs to treat the physical and emotional wounds that resulted from the tragic event.

    But that's not all. Though they were among the four killed in the plane wreck, the estates of both pilots may have to pony up as well. They are being sued, along with Goodyear Tire and Learjet.

    Goldstein was found dead in his apartment on August 28 of this year. Autopsy reports showed that a combination of prescription drugs and cocaine was directly responsible. His passing, which was was ruled accidental, came only months before MTV was to launch the drug intervention reality show he was working on. Despite concerns that the series may be considered hypocritical and exploitative of his death, Gone Too Far will air as planned.

    Melissa Mercer
    November 13,2 009
    The Examiner


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