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DJ died after drinking a PINT of deadly 'poppy tea' he made using a recipe he found

By NeuroChi, Jan 3, 2014 | | |
  1. NeuroChi
    Paul Dalling, 27, thought the concoction would produce a pleasant high
    But the poppy tea caused his nervous system to fatally shut down
    His partner called emergency services after he would not wake up

    A man died after drinking homemade poppy tea using a recipe he found online, an inquest heard.
    Paul Dalling, 27, brewed the deadly concoction using poppy seeds, thinking the drink would induce a pleasant drowsy effect.
    But the DJ, of Milford Haven, west Wales, died when his central nervous system shut down after he consumed a pint of the tea.
    A coroner warned others of the dangers of making 'poppy tea' - infamously drank in opium dens.

    Pembrokeshire Coroner Mark Layton said: 'Drinking poppy tea is potentially fatal.
    'It is impossible to gauge the dosage as the strength varies from plant to plant.'
    Mr Dalling and his friends made a tea with crushed poppy seeds using a recipe they found on the internet.
    Although it is unknown which recipe they used, there are dozens of online blogs and websites advising how to make the dangerous concoction.
    Many recipes use supermarkets' own brands of poppy seeds, which can be found in ordinary food products, including bread, biscuits and cakes.

    The inquest heard Mr Dalling drank the tea and smoked cannabis before going for a night out with friends.

    He returned the his home, where he lived with his partner and her young child.
    Dyfed-Powys Police coroner’s officer Jeremy Davies said: 'While in bed, Mr Dalling was coughing and felt hot to touch but was not in a state which caused alarm.

    'But his partner was then unable to wake him and there was blood around his nose and mouth so she called the emergency services.

    'The ambulance centre talked her through CPR but Mr Dalling was pronounced dead at home.'
    A post-mortem found levels of morphine and codeine - both present in poppy tea - in Paul’s body.
    Mr Dalling, described by friends as a 'a lovely guy,' enjoyed going to festivals and listening to drum and bass music.
    Mr Layton ruled that his death was drugs-related.
    The tragedy happened just four years after another man from Milford Haven died from drinking 'poppy tea'.
    Tristan Roberts, 28, overdosed on morphine after drinking three cups of the tea to calm him before bed.
    At the time his mother Sabine said: 'I think that there are quite a few people who think that anything that is really natural must be safe or must be a good thing.
    'But that is not the case and people need to be made aware of that - this is something that is almost completely unknown.'

    Luke Salkeld
    31 December 2013


  1. jazzyj9
    Re: DJ died after drinking a PINT of deadly 'poppy tea' he made using a recipe he fou

    How sad. With unknown concentrations of opioids it's always best to err on the side of caution. But how much is really safe if you can never be sure of the concentration? I think people should have a reversal agent (naloxone) on hand if they are going to be using unknown concentrations of opioids.
  2. CannabisBenzoBuddie
    Re: DJ died after drinking a PINT of deadly 'poppy tea' he made using a recipe he fou

    Makes ya wonder where he found the recipe ... Ok let me add to the discussion... Drinking poppy tea can lead to a fatal overdose if you read and follow the wrong recipe.. anyone know where this guy got his?....

  3. Alien Sex Fiend
    Re: DJ died after drinking a PINT of deadly 'poppy tea' he made using a recipe he fou

    dangers of making 'poppy tea' - infamously drank in opium dens. I didnt know Opium Den was a bar
  4. trdofbeingtrd
    Re: DJ died after drinking a PINT of deadly 'poppy tea' he made using a recipe he fou

    This is a sad story and I feel bad for the family/friends of this guy.

    I know that this is just another (out of like hundreds into thousands) example of why drugs forum is so important. The dangers of poppy tea are evident in many places. A place about drug use/abuse where a person can learn the truth about how to make something so as not to hide the truth but also to explain why it's a very bad idea unless VERY understood about the dangers.

    This guy at the end of the article never said "it's something that is misunderstood and all that will help is to spread lies about it", he did however say "But that is not the case and people need to be made aware of that - this is something that is almost completely unknown." It's important that information in it's true form (and not some fear mongering propaganda)is heard regarding substance use and abuse. On one end you have the more safe information on how to possibly prepare the poppy seed or poppy tea and how important the warning calling for knowledge AND experience is, and on the other you have the truth on what it does to you including addiction and overdose.

    This site needs to stay open to spread this unbiased, genuine, and basically unknown information to the masses.
  5. RoboCodeine7610
    Re: DJ died after drinking a PINT of deadly 'poppy tea' he made using a recipe he fou

    I wholeheartedly agree. But the fact is, I believe this used to be the case a few years ago. People had little access to quality information about drug use and therefore these things used to happen.

    But now, with the amazingly large collection of pretty much all of human knowledge available on the internet I believe we can differentiate between two types of users:

    The first type, like you and I, reap a great benefit from the information available on this forum and on the internet in general. This type actually worries about the potential side effects and dangers of drug use; and I'm sure a significant portion of this group is alive and well because of the knowledge gathered in sites like this forum.

    But then there's the second type. This type of user simply doesn't care (don't ask me why) about what they're taking, what it does or how it should be used. A typical example of this is the guy who goes to a party and takes an unknown pill because somebody else took it and they were fine. These types of users will kill themselves eventually and they just don't care. I'll illustrate my point with a "hypothetical" scenario:

    A couple months ago a friend of mine; whom I knew through the internet, decided to come to Spain for a vacation. We decided we'd try to scam a doctor into giving us cool prescriptions. Anyway, I told the doc that my buddy had abruptly discontinued the medication because he lost his bag at the airport and we walked out with scripts for concerta, suboxone and lorazepam.

    In any case, we go home and I explain to him what each drug is and why you can't take more than a fraction of a pill. I also explained why you couldn't mix suboxone and lorazepam unless you want to stop breathing.

    2 days, 8mg of suboxone and 4mg of lorazepam later, this guys goes into a coma. I shook him for hours with no response whatsoever, not even a groan, although his respiration seemed normal. Needless to say I spent the next 8 hours before he even responded wandering what would happen if someone overdosed in my house.

    After he woke up, he wanted more pills. He thought it was funny. And you know why? Because he didn't give a shit. Same reason why he's never been in this or any other forum and has never heard of erowid.

    So, to make my point; some people truly do not benefit of any sort of information even if instantly available; and they eventually kill themselves. But I'm fine with that. Why? Because it's our responsibility to provide information to any user who wishes it. It's not our responsibility to make them read it.

    Maybe this story will make another idiot think twice before downing unknown concentrations of morphine and codeine like it's apple juice.

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