DJ who played at Kate Middleton's birthday party found dead from drug overdose

By Terrapinzflyer · Feb 6, 2010 · ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
    DJ who played at Kate Middleton's birthday party found dead from drug overdose

    The children of Mick Jagger and his Rolling Stones bandmate Ronnie Wood have been left devastated by the death of a close friend from an Ecstasy overdose.

    Club DJ Shawn Francis, 24, was found in a comatose state slumped on the floor of his London home by one of the Wood children this week. As well as the tablets, he had also taken MDMA powder.

    Mr Francis knew James Jagger and Tyrone Wood, both 24, well. He is a former resident DJ at Boujis, Prince William and Prince Harry's favourite London club, and was once DJ at Kate Middleton birthday party.

    He had downed ten Ecstasy pills and an unknown quantity of the stronger MDMA powder - the psycho-active stimulant in Ecstasy - in an apparent attempt to get 'so out of it he would forget his troubles'.

    He had twice been caught with the drug by police in the space of a week.

    Mr Francis's lawyer is understood to have advised him that he faced a custodial sentence for breaking a curfew set by magistrates. He was found at his home in Battersea, south-west London.

    Friends said that he could not face the prospect of spending time in jail and 'went home and ended up taking most of the rest of the drugs he had stashed away.

    Rumours of drug use among the inner circle of some of the Rolling Stones' children have been rife.

    Last month a Sunday newspaper published pictures which appeared to show Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall's youngest daughter, Georgia May, sniffing something from a small cellophane package her friend had brought to a London pub where she was celebrating her 18th birthday party.

    Sources close to the Jaggers denied any drug use had happened on that occasion.

    Mr Francis's mother made the agonising decision to turn off his life support system on Wednesday this week.

    Plans are being made for a funeral which will be attended by family and friends from the Jagger and Wood families.

    A friend of the Jagger and Wood families said: 'We are all completely devastated. Shawn was a really lovely guy and decided to deal with a pretty awful streak of luck in his own way. It's a tragedy.

    'Jamie (James Jagger) is distraught. He has been in floods of tears and cannot believe his friend has been taken from him.

    'The whole Wood family are in pieces. He was a dear friend and they cannot believe he's just disappeared.'

    A spokesman for the Wood family told the Mail last night: 'He will be missed greatly. He was a great guy. Our condolences go out to his family.'

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  1. Nnizzle
    Sorry if this offends anyone but I have absolutely no sympathy for someone who takes an obviously incredibly dangerous amount of MDMA to "forget their troubles" and expects to come out of it alive and feeling better.
  2. Terrapinzflyer
    ^^ agreed

    An insane (yet sadly not unheard of) dose. NO way of knowing what combination of substances were actually ingested because of this, and sad it's being linked to MDMA.
  3. dyingtomorrow

    Agree and agree.

    It really sucks when these idiots die from ecstasy, it just gives more propaganda-ammo to the anti-drug nazis. Don't take too much, drink water, and don't overheat - it's not fucking difficult.
  4. Insomniacsdream
    If you live in south east england you should know that you are lucky to have any MDMA in your pills at the moment let alone them being pure mdma so you should never bosh 10
  5. mickey_bee
    It doesn't really sound from the article like this guy didn't knolw what he was doing was dangerous, it sounded if anything more like a plea for help, the whole, 'i don't give a fuck anymore' thing. Not a naive DJ.
  6. bubbly nubs
    This DJ was clearly under alot of stress, and yes it was irresponsible to take extremely large doses of multiple drugs, but as mickey said it was more like a plee for help. If he needed to take copious amounts of drugs just to forget about his worries then there was something not right.
  7. static_vodka_420
    swim thinks this is a lack of education that causes the problem most people have no idea there is a specific drug in x they simplly think any tablet called by the name ecstacy is the same they need to be educated on the substances most often present and danger in combining them at the very least many new ecstact users have no idea that there is a drug called MDMA as sad as that seems. harm reduction needs to be spread or this will continue to happen
  8. Guttz
    This seems to be rather an suicide attempt then a forget all your troubles attempt in swims opinion. Not that he's saying that the person was attempting to commit suicide. But when someone does something like this, one starts to question their motives for taking such a huge dose of mdma.
  9. Motorhead

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    These topics must be addressed in the proper fora as to not derail threads.
  10. xenos
    anyways. Insomniacsdream had a VERY significant point about the fact that most "ecstasy" pills are very adultered most of the time. sure he's a dj and he probly had good connects and knew what he was taking, but still. the overdose may have been because of taking 10 pill which contained acetametaphine(spellings wrong, you know what im talking about lol), who knows.

    The real significant part to take away from all this is that it was stated on a news source that it was an mdma overdose from someone who took 10 pill of an unknown quantity of MDMA as well as "MDMA powder"(which could have theoretically been anything). The police reports probably say similar. The corinors report is what matters here. This is normal practice, for some reason its assumed that mdma=ecstasy. Not today sadly....
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