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  1. Docta
    View attachment 25898 Hallucinations and paranoia are among the side effects of a dangerous chemical being used in drugs sold in WA, police have warned.
    Police have discovered Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, being manufactured in illegal drug labs around Perth.

    "The most recent [discovery] being the seizure of 6g at two alleged drug manufacture sites at Willetton and Glendalough last week," police said.

    "The manufacture process can pose a threat to health, property and the environment."

    DMT, which is usually sold as a brown or beige powder, had also been found as an additive in LSD "in the form of paper tabs with various designs, the most frequent being a smiley face", police said.

    Psychological effects experienced by users included visual and auditory hallucinations, altered mood, inability to concentrate and feelings of fear and paranoia.

    Physical effects included pupil dilation and increased heart rate and blood pressure.

    Police warned that DMT might be sold without the user knowing they were taking a different substance.

    Police Assistant Commissioner (Crime) Nick Anticich said the threat of new and emerging illicit substances should be a concern to the community, particularly those who used unregulated and dangerous substances.

    "Taking these drugs is a high-risk activity, especially as the composition and potency varies significantly and cannot be adequately controlled during the manufacture process," he said.

    "People who take these drugs may end up in hospital in the short term either as a reaction to the chemicals or from their actions under the influence of the drug.

    "In addition, the consumption of many of these substances can result in adverse long-term health effects."

    It is a criminal offence to possess, sell or supply DMT and heavy penalties may apply.

    Police said people in possession of such substances were advised to avoid taking the drugs and to destroy them immediately.


    Human bodies naturally contain a small amount of it, as do cane toads, but a new drug that has been found in Western Australia in the past week is of great concern to Police and drug experts.
    Professor Steve Allsop from Curtin University's National Drug Research Institute said he was surprised last week to hear that police had found two drug labs allegedly manufacturing dimethyltryptamine (DMT) in Perth.

    "I haven't heard of it being used widely in WA," he said.
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    Professor Allsop said the drug which occurs naturally in the human body, in cane toads and some plants, was far more potent in the synthetic version.

    He said no one knew what the purpose of naturally occurring dimethyltryptamine in the human body was.
    "Some people speculate that it plays a role in the creation of dreams, but we just don't know," Professor Allsop said.
    "It is a psychedelic or a hallucinogen; it can cause hallucinations and a sense of separation from reality."
    He said the drug had been referred to by some as a 'lunchtime drug' because it was short acting.
    It kicks in quickly, can be extremely intense and wears off quickly.

    Professor Allsop said the separation from reality meant it could be a very dangerous drug.
    "There's a risk of injury if people aren't aware of whom or where they are, or could fall over, walk in front of traffic, just stray onto the road," he said.

    Professor Allsop said the short lasting effects could attract some to the drug; it was also very unpredictable and could be a frightening experience for those who took it.
    "A lot of people don't like it because it can make you feel different each time, it can depend on different factors, such as your mood."

    He said the effects could be even more detrimental on people vulnerable to mental health issues.
    Professor Allsop said the dimethyltryptamine allegedly being manufactured in Perth may have been being made for use in its own right or it could have been to add it to other drugs.



  1. shmazzle
    Very sad, DMT is a gold mine for the mind. You don't usually hear about lab busts with the stuff though. This is a rare read indeed. I assume they busted down their door for whatever reason assuming they were manufacturing meth or something and then found this. Then when they found it was DMT, they had to do a little research themselves. They dug up whatever dirt they could find to downgrade DMT to a drug like meth. Although the mental health thing is true. If your mind isn't prepared for this, it could seriously mess with your head. I Think it has more healing properties for the mind rather it being detrimental. Someone who is screwed up in the head could also benefit greatly from an experience like smoking chemically manufactured DMT. I say it always had the ability to heal the deep scars of our mind that are produced by our upbringings and environments. They said things like it'll make you walk out in front of a car... Pshhhht! what kind of bull shit is that?! If you smoke DMT, N-N,DMT to be exact, you're going to pass out and have an array of OBE's (Outer Body Experiences), not walk out in front of a car. hahaha!
  2. skyguy
    I have not tried DMT myself yet, but am very curious. I have been keeping my ears open and intend to experiment with it as I can get my hands on some. I believe that everyone should try hallucinogenic drugs at least once in their lives. It allows you to experience things on a much deeper level and studies have shown that when intelligent people have used shrooms, they were able solve problems that before they could not. I imagine DMT will be similiar an experience. It makes you wonder though, if DMT is found naturally within everyone, are we not all then in possession of an illegal drug?
  3. JustPlainFun
    The things people say really irritates me. Walking out in front of traffic? In my experiences with DMT when I was tripping there was no chance in hell that I could walk or even stand. Its sad to see such an amazing substance be demonized
  4. SpatialReason
    This is all nonsense and sensationalist bullshit. It really makes me sad.

    DMT, first of all, would not give the user the chance to walk out in traffic. There has never been a single case of anyone doing anything on DMT. Literally. Some people are lucky to even get the "dancing sensations" or the weird body highs. That is it. Besides, by the time someone makes it out of their house/apartment, the trip is already over.

    And what irks me the most: they make this drug sound like it is a crappy adulterant or a "meth of hallucinogens" of sorts. This really ticks me off. It is an amazing substance that has value as both a religious sacrament and a tool for mental exploration. Most people don't even know about it, and that is a good thing: keep this out of the reach of the public. For the love of god, don't mass-make and distribute it to random folk. This should be something that has to be sought out by enthusiasts or made by the soul willing to ingest their own hard work: it should be shared among a small circle where each person is deemed worthy enough to be trying a drug of this magnitude. This is not a street drug or a narcotic, and it just got viewed as such. That pisses me off. (I don't mean to sound elitist with DMT, but nobody should touch it without knowing their facts about it and having full knowledge of the drug.)

    It just blows my mind that this drug has been disrespected. There is so much to learn from it. Truly, it can change you. Why can't it be adored? :(

    Also there are some incorrect facts in this new report. That professor is a fool. The toad does not make that exact drug. The toad makes Bufotenin (5-OH-DMT). Bufotenin is similar in family but is not even of the same type of trip as N,N-DMT. For anyone that has done both, this is like comparing apples to cigars. They are establishing parallels that are just causal and trying to write it as fact. :|
  5. straycat312
    "DMT, which is usually sold as a brown or beige powder, had also been found as an additive in LSD "in the form of paper tabs with various designs, the most frequent being a smiley face", police said."

    I highly doubt this. DMT is not active when taken orally (it gets destroyed in the stomach before it can enter the bloodstream), so there would be no point to add it to LSD
  6. SpatialReason
    Unless they can somehow put it with an MAOI that goes on that blotter... yeah... and if they did that, then they have created something potentially deadly.
  7. hookedonhelping
    Wow, a whole 6 grams.. since when does doing an acid base extraction constitute "lab" operation?

    And 6g can be gone in 6 days with a good friend by your side.. watch this guy get a "distribution" charge.. sad =(
  8. Karmageddon
    I was just going to add this, but you beat me to it. I hate it when newspapers put ignorant nonsense in print for the sake of creating a sensationalist story. Five minutes of research could have taught this, but journalism doesn't seem to be about research anymore. I'm glad I didn't go into the field. What a joke.
  9. SpatialReason
    Typically they look at amount in respect to "dose guideline." Think about how many doses of DMT that is for a blastoff. That is 120 doses. Without violating rules, in terms of "streeting," this drug would be a major haul in value for the maker (in the eyes of police as always). They don't care if it is not a respectable amount for a lab and really just personal use for someone. The guy probably had 6g not in one bag but many little baggies (which is the smart thing to do and the dumb thing to do for this very reason), and in that consideration, that is all she wrote there for making those idiotic assumptions that the police are so glad to make. They make assumptions because that is all they have to go on.

    I agree, but I am trying (with much dread) to see it from the view of Australian law enforcement.
  10. shmazzle
    What's even worse is that the people who wrote this knew that the people who read this are usually gullible enough to believe whatever they write. A form of manipulation. I know older folk who will read a newspaper, and believe every word without a doubt. If this were bought up to them, their stubbornness doesn't allow your perfect and true explanation of the substance to be accepted. Some will also spread the information they read with people they know.The public is sensitive to this information, and if more stories like this were to be published, the more they will believe the lies, and it will be degraded futher. It is kind of symbolic on how certain drugs are discredited in school taught health classes. Hitting us at a young and fragile age in that case... damn those bastards. :'(
  11. hookedonhelping
    Ok, That is fair, if we break down the substance to a point where we are looking at how many journeys to cyberspace one will be afforded from x amount of a product we would be a talking about 50mg doses that afford the user 10 minutes of pleasant madness. No matter which way you slice it, some people can and have easily consumed a gram of DMT in a days time. Having 6 days worth is a security blanket to some cosmonauts.
  12. al-k-mist
    But why would they not look at it from the harm-to society standpoint.(heck, spatial reason wated to look at it through their eyes, maybe THEY should look at it through MY eyes, or common sense..
    Oh, never mind
  13. al-k-mist
  14. hookedonhelping
    the funny thing is, this is humanities prime rib.. the most amazing molecule EVER, safe as can bee yet its demonized.
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