DMT, Poppy Seeds, and Evil Needles!

By fiveleggedrat · Oct 31, 2008 · ·
  1. fiveleggedrat
    Swim finally took the dive and decided it was time for DMT. After thinking on it for months, Swim decided now or never. Swim's depression is through the roof, and Swim's sitting around all day trying to get high, and it got old a LONG time ago. Swim believes that playing with some psychedelics will get him to stop obsessing over getting heroin/k/mdma all day, every day. Swim no longer gets high from pot and opioids, his tolerances are the highest they've ever been. Shit sucks. Swim is ready for the DMT experience, as ready as he will ever be without putting it off for years and years. Swim was also considering ibogaine or similar, but decided DMT and such is enough.

    Swim picked the most reputable company he could find using online reviews. He eventually got 10g Syrian Rue 10x extract, Calcium Hydroxide, 56g Mimosa, 14g Yopo seeds, and 28 Vilca/Cebil.

    Swim wants to be test monkey to the whole "bufotenine + calcium hydroxide= ?, Since so many find it to be different. Swim'll make the Vilca into freebase mostly.

    More or less, Swim really looks forward to Freebase Bufo, the urban myth Calcium Bufo type thing, and nnDMT. Swim has no desire for 5meo after reading in depth on experience reports for it; too many negative ones, and Swim's goal is visuals + euphoria with the least about of mindfuck. Yes, I know 5meo is in the yopo seeds. Swim means he does not want to do pure 5meo. Sounds icky!

    Anyways, it should all be here in a week, maybe 2 max. Swim looks forward to it all, and will make a nice set/setting, for sure. Swim'll start with freebase bufo. DMT is going to be for last. Swim reeeally hopes his stoner friend will consider doing it with Swim.

    Anywho, Swim also just got 2lbs of poppy seeds. Hope that's enough for a few doses worth of morphine. Swim'll probably make tea and reduce it down and smoke it. Swim has yet to smoke opioids, he is DYING to do so.

    Swim also has been fighting himself lately. Swim wants to to IV 6mg hydromorphone he has. Swim has never done IV and has sworn it off for the longest. Now, he fights with himself all day on the needle issue. Swim is ok with doing it one day, but not now, not this soon. It's really difficult to say no to. It's tough.

    Fuck whoever decided Swim's brain could get so tolerant to pot that smoking bowls of fire would have zero effects.

    I guess I'll make this blog spot into Swim's "Current Project" area for when shit does not need a thread.

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  1. old hippie 56
    Swim knows the feeling, a couple of 8mgs hydromorphone fell into his lap.
    Good luck on the DMT, may it open new horizons.
  2. enhancion01
    Swim knows how swiu feels "it got old". Getting high isint even fun for swim anymore. No thrill or excitment. Swim misses those days. Its something to do for swim anymore. Swim hopes swiu has enough willpower to handle slamming. Swim thinks Swiu is very intelligent and swim enjoys the hell out of swiu's posts. Swim would hate to hear that swiu fell off just cuz he couldent get high enough. Swim is not trying to get on swiu's ass. Swim just hopes Swiu knows what there doing. Swim wont touch needles cuz he knows he will like the high too much and will chase it, and swim doesent need to get that high anyways lol. Swim knows too many people that do slam and are different people today then when they started (not in a good way). Swim wouldent look at swiu any different even if swiu did.. Just tell swiu to be safe...
  3. old hippie 56
    Old swim wasn't impressed with the Dillies, made him sick as hell for two days.
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