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  1. 5-HT2A

    An original ad for Quaaludes. Recreational use of the drug gained popularity in the 1970s and it was made a Schedule I drug in the United States in 1984. Quaaludes have reentered public discussion since revelations that Bill Cosby allegedly raped women after providing them with the drug. William H. Rorer, Inc.

    Quaalude was the party drug of the 1970s. A depressant, Quaalude (methaqualone) was known as “disco biscuits” because it released users’ sexual inhibitions, making it a nightlife mainstay.

    But use plummeted in the U.S. following the drug’s prohibition some 30 years ago. Quaalude is once again attracting attention, however, because Bill Cosby copped to obtaining the drug to give to women with whom he wanted to have sexual intercourse. While anecdotal evidence has long suggested that Quaalude use in the U.S. is virtually nil, Newsweek wanted to see whether that's true.

    “Over the last several years, there have been very sporadic seizures of Quaaludes throughout the country,” says Eduardo Chavez, a Drug Enforcement Agency special agent. That said, it’s difficult for the DEA to make broad statements about the sedative’s presence in the U.S. drug market because, in addition to these occasional seizures, local law enforcement might have encountered Quaaludes without flagging the federal agency.

    Due to the downers’ contraband status, any Quaaludes circulating in the U.S. would almost certainly have come from overseas. U.S. Customs and Border Protection statistics indicate the agency has had one border seizure of Quaaludes this year and no border seizures last year. In both 2014 and 2015, CBP has had three airport seizures of Quaaludes. The quantities were so small that these Quaaludes were assumed to be for personal use, according to CBP. (Owing to Quaaludes’ relative rarity, and the resulting dearth of data, a direct comparison can’t be made, but for some perspective, consider: There were 1,626 CBP seizures of cocaine in 2014.)

    Several recreational drug users interviewed by Newsweek, who said they have been exposed to many street drugs, either hadn’t seen Quaaludes or had only encountered them once or just occasionally. One recreational drug user, who claimed to have even “seen stuff that doesn’t have street names,” said, “I thought they pretty much went out in the 80s.”

    Quaaludes are still one of the most widely abused drugs in South Africa, according to reports.

    by Victoria Bekiempis

    August 2, 2015



  1. bobes
    I always thought it was a pure barbiturate as opposed to its description in the ad?///?
  2. 5-HT2A
    I thought that too up until recently. But it seems to be in a class of its own. For how good people say it was there doesn't seem to be hardly any demand for it and no real illicit market.
  3. etechmaster
    I know one thing, if I could find a real methaqualone compound, don't count me late for dinner! I found it strange that when the pharmaceutical ludes went off the market the good bootlegs went right along with them. I could always tell before I took it if it was a good bootleg by taking a tiny bite and taste a kind of chalky flavor to it. The valium ludes were usually the fake ones and they had a little sweetness taste to them. I found that some of the boots were a little more potent than the real ones. Heard about PCP ludes going around once but never new anyone that got unlucky. Now days, if I saw a lude, I wouldn't dare take it because of the buffet of chemicals they are putting in them.
  4. etechmaster
    Judge not by what you see, more than you can count are here with me.
  5. sassieone
    All I know is a friend of mine stumbled upon a full bottle of Quaaludes direct from the 1960's....this never happens to me.....ever.

    He said they were just as potent today, as they were back then....or at least what he can remember.

    When he stumbled upon these Quaaludes, I remember he posted an article about them hanging on in the 'black market' up until 1986 and then, poof, they were gone.

    As a kid, I remember my Mom being on Ludes and yellow Valiums. Mother's little helpers. I think the doctors started getting wise in the late 1970's. I remember the bottles shrinking in size and volume.

    I used a few Quaaludes myself when I was in college for sleep after staying up doing cocaine during finals. I remember they worked fast, no next day hungover effect, and no issues with strange dreams/thoughts.

    I think Big Pharma should begin mass manufacturing Quaaludes pronto. Just remind them not to tweak the formula....
  6. JackARoe
    Last I have seen Rorer or Lemon 714's was in the early 1980's. Mandrax came in from Mexico until the mid 1980's, and they were methaqualone tablets in strips.

    Ludes were good. A six pack in a pill was the pitch. (with no hangover) I remember doing them many times in high school. I think they have a reputation for fun because along with the sedative effect was that wobbly drunk fun feeling. And they wore off after about 8 hours.

    I do remember in high school that people were bitching when benzodiazepines started being prescribed instead of barbiturates and methaqualone. I was one of them. Benzodiazepines, unless really needed for anxiety, are really not recreational. At least compared to other sedatives.
  7. gonzochef
    Benzos are not recreational??? Compared to Quaaludes maybe, but I only got my hands on real ludes once. A friend's cousin found an old bottle in his grandma's medicine cabinet when she died and swiped them. I had like 10 of them. They were a lot of fun. But I have used benzodiazepines for recreational purposes countless times. The idea that they have no abuse potential is ridiculous.
  8. sassieone
    Does anyone know why Quaaludes disappeared completely?

    I read as much as I can find online about the company being sold and the rights to manufacture Quaaludes also being sold. Was it just due to the potential for abuse, the change to Schedule I, or something else?

    I thought maybe there was some huge court case involving Quaaludes, but I couldn't find anything.
  9. tatittle
    My understanding is the ratio of amount to OD to amount needed for affect is far smaller than with benzos, as well as OD's are harder to deal with/reverse. Plus the straight folks were tired of seeing people who look like this on the streets...[google Johnny Thunders In Cold Blood video]..sorry links wont post LOL!
  10. JonnyBGoode
    I took what I believe to be Mandrax last year, a friend brought them over from South Africa where they are made in basement labs and remain a popular recreational drug. I actually was a little scared of them at first because they were fucking massive, the size of a lychee or about half the size of a clipper lighter. They had the imprint 'Boss' on them and after a couple of internet searches I found an article in some South African press stating that there had been a raid where these exact pills had been seized so I am pretty sure they were the real deal.

    They were supposed to be I think 500mg per pill, I took half of one and felt kind of light headed, a little dizzy and quite dreamy, the other half made me a drooling mess that could hardly move out of my chair. I then decided to crush up a pill and smoke them in a bong mixed with weed as my friend has advised me to do. This made for a shorter but more intense high and at least once I fell out of my chair as my limbs weren't working as they should! All in all it was a pretty pleasant experience although not an earth shattering one. I'd compare them to taking a mixture of Lyrica and Benzos, that kind of high, if they were easily available I would probably take them more often I suppose.
  11. sheerasowner
    I loved loved lemon 714s in the late 70s I was just graduating hs and starting to really smoke grass a lot. They were awesome. They were nice relaxing mood enhancers for me. I never fell out of chairs lol but my friends did. I did mandrax all through the early 80s and bought them in sheets of 100. I probably took 4-7 daily at work from 7 am til 3 30 pm and it seemed like I was on speed instead. They always made me hyper then after a few hours I would mellow out and have to sleep.

    I haven't done a whole bunch of benzos but was on low dose xanax for a couple years for breakthrough pain until surgery. I would take qualludes or mandies over benzos any day. Not much hangover next day from them and benzo withdrawal is a beast.
  12. tatittle
    Im certain you can get physically addicted to barbituates/Quaaludes as well...and they can be even more dangerous than benzos to come off of. Some musician died after being addicted to a barb prescribed for sleep that was a beast...a Supreme Court Justice was also addicted to them...begins with a P maybe? Barbs can be a bitch if taken daily over time. I have only taken Fiorinal which I found disgusting; Iwas sick at the time though.
  13. sassieone
    @ Shera's owner....are you sure you took Quaaludes? In "sheets" you said? You mean like LSD?

    Quaaludes always gave me a really sound night (or day) of sleep. Awesome if you had to travel into different time zones. Get to your hotel, tip the bag boy and have him bring up full ice bucket. Pop 1 Quaalude. Wash face. Shut drapes, set alarm. Go to bed.

    Wake up 8 or 9 hours later totally rested. I realize I'm not using them in that instance to get "high." I just think they were the BEST of all the available SLEEP MEDS out there.
  14. JackARoe
    If I may, having had the Mandrax from Mexico in 1983, they came in strips, each pill in a plastic wrap almost like candy and they came in strips, or sheets.
  15. sassieone
    Really....in strips/sheets? Interesting.

    I remember my Mom's quaaludes vaguely, but I thought they were off white, round pills about the size of an extra strength Tylenol. This was 1978 to 1982.

    The quaaludes I used in college to help me sleep were capsules from room mate's Dad's script. I want to say they were blue. I could be wrong. It was 1986....a lifetime ago.

    Admittedly, I never took them to abuse them. Just to help me sleep, post cocaine in college, or when I went to Europe, to help sleep after travelling through different time zones.

    I didn't even know they came in other forms like sheets/strips. Never, ever seen those. Anyone have a picture they can post of these strips/sheets?
  16. sheerasowner
    Mandrax came in sheets of 100 here, all individually wrapped, ludes were not wrapped like this. I believe I only bought 714s that were prescribed in bottles, never was exposed to lots of them.

    I remember the last few times we got mandrax they seemed different from the ones I had been getting earlier. I do believe I heard they were coming out of Mexico.
  17. sassieone
    That fascinates me. I'm admittedly a geek/dweeb where drugs are concerned.

    I was blown away when I first got a Suboxone script and it was in strips. I remember opening the bottle and going, "What the fuck is this? Stickers?" I deal with a lot of IV and IM drugs and I don't get to see the end product of a lot of the prescriptions I've seen.

    I did finally find an article about Quaaludes, that I tried to post a link to here, but it wouldn't take. It's about the reason behind the Quaalude downfall. It was mostly from within the Federal Government. Imagine that! (Knee slap goes *here*.)

    This Lemon or Lemmon guy that bought the rights for Quaalude, basically had to shelve his purchase pronto. It seems he thought he could persuade the Feds to revoke the Schedule I classification and lift the ban by the medical community. But, gasp....he was LIED to by the good ole US of A.

    All I know is, I've taken Ambien, Halcion, Phenobarbital, Xanax, Ativan, Valium, etc., for insomnia issues. The best of them all was Quaaludes. All the others have "hangover" or next day fogginess. Or short term memory issues.

    Quaaludes, for me, was like a really wonderful one night stand. I never had to worry about him calling me the next day, and in fact, I didn't even remember his name. He did the job, he did it well, and said "goodbye." Perfection, in pill form.

    I think I need another cold shower. Wait, what were we talking about again????
  18. ladywolf2012

    We used to call them "fender-benders," because it was so easy to kind of forget what driving was about when you were on them. They were the all-time best high, hands down, for me--and as has been said already, no hangover from them. I miss them terribly!
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