Do you dance with the devil?

By BitterSweet · Nov 19, 2012 · ·
  1. BitterSweet
    I wrote this on a whim, and I'm not sure if it is very good. It doesn't require much interpretation. The basic premise is about dancing with the devil (symbolic of addiction).

    I never liked to dance, but it was nothing personal,
    And to dance in public? Not without rehearsal,
    Still, we must always be cautious to never say never, or so I have been told,
    Because just as your years grow young, they similarly grow old.

    Things have changed, as lately I have danced,
    By a certain someone who has me quite romanced.
    He’s popular among my crowd, and there’s plenty to go around,
    He's known to come around when you find you're feeling down.

    But I sense his intentions are not so pure and good,
    My intuition says to leave, and I know I truly should.
    We seem to fight a lot, so perhaps it's me as well,
    But it's hard to get along when we are living in hell.

    I gave up trying to win, because even when he's wrong, he always comes out right,
    I've lost so many battles, and with them the will to fight.
    Every time we part, I'm glad to see him leave,
    Even though with him departs my dignity.

    And I wonder if I'll ever change my ways,
    Or else give up hope of better days.
    I never feel right, yet I don’t know why I stay,
    Maybe it's because I have never known another way.

    He is a good dancer, a fact I can't neglect,
    But lately these dances fill me with regret,
    Since a dance with devil is never so sweet,
    As an addiction that’s proudly been beat.

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  1. derpahderp
    take care Sweet -hope that dance doesn't last any much longer then it needs to.. and when you come back we can talk about what's been missed since 2013 started. ;)
  2. Cwb20022
    Haha not sure if its very good.

    Damn bittersweet I've told you im a big fan of your writing. And this is just another example why. Good job.
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