Doctor Busted For Running "Pill Mill" Bragged About Celebrity Patients

  1. Snouter Fancier
    pillssm.jpg A doctor who was arrested by federal agents for suspicion of conspiring to illegally distributor highly addictive prescription drugs without a legitimate medical purpose in California bragged to many people that he was the doctor to an elite circle of Hollywood celebrities has exclusively learned.

    Dr. Nathan Kuemmerle was accused of running a "Pill Mill" where he sold prescriptions for Adderall, Xanax, Oxycotin and other medications to patients who did not show a need for the drugs, according to the criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles.

    The documents said that Dr. Kuemmerle referrred to himself as a "fame monster," and has learned that he told other patients that he bragged about providing A-list celebrities with their prescription drugs. The celebrities he claimed to have given these prescriptions to range from a trouble actress to a famous singer married to an equally famous star to a teen singing sensation, can exclusively confirm.

    While under surveillance Dr. Kuemmerle suggested that he had a celebrity patient waiting in another room for an undisclosed treatment according to the court documents. has learned that he told his other patients of his celebrity clients, bragging that he was serving the top level of Hollywood stars with the prescription drugs.

    Dr. Kuemmerle was the initial focus of the investigation, not his patients, Thom Mrozek in the U.S. Attorney's office told, but the authorities will look into his patients records and if there are any that have excessive prescriptions that is something that could be investigated leading up to the trial.

    Mrozek would not confirm if any Hollywood celebrities prescriptions were their focus. "We can't say if there are any patients we are investigating," Mrozek told

    Dr. Kuemmerle is being held without bond in Los Angeles awaiting his trial date.

    Dr. Kuemmerle was the number one prescriber of the most powerful dosage of Adderall in California in 2009, and the second largest prescriber of an entire class of federally regulated drugs including oxycodone and hydrocodone, federal authorities said.

    via Radar Online

    SF: story is a month old, but has some (morbid) interest, and I can't find that it's been posted to DF yet. Please flag for deletion if you find a duplicate.

    Follow-up: Kuemmerle was released on US$2 million bond on June 14.

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  1. Oxyman11:11
    ruining the whole oxy thing for people who legit need it.
  2. 5ht2a
    It's pretty surreal to see this story. This used to be SWIM's doctor and man was he off his head, but he did made SWIM think very differently about the purpose of psychiatry. SWIM would say that he wasn't really a bad person at all, but you could tell every-time you went to his office that he was on something. The only bad thing about this doctor is when you came to him that you should be well aware after 5 minutes that something is off and if you can't control your addiction this guy would make it worse for you, but then again it's all about self control.
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