Doctor took gas and air on duty

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  1. Rightnow289
    A doctor, who admitted inhaling gas and air while on duty at a children's ward, told nurses it "created a floaty sensation", a panel has heard.

    Dr Jonathan Chahal, 33, used the anaesthetic Entonox from a gas canister at Ormskirk District General Hospital.
    Staff heard giggling coming from a resuscitation room and found him inhaling the substance, the General Medical Council (GMC) heard on Monday.
    His fitness to practise will be debated during the three-week hearing.
    GMC counsel Craig Sephton QC told the panel that Dr Chahal admitted using Entonox from a gas canister on four separate occasions.

    'Cocaine traces'
    The senior house officer paediatrician also persuaded four female nurses to inhale the gas, which is frequently administered in childbirth to alleviate pain.
    Mr Sephton said: "He asked if they had ever tried it. He said it was fun and made you feel floaty."
    He added that the effects of Entonox can alter the user's perception and can last up to 12 hours.
    Dr Chahal denies taking cocaine between January and March 2008 last year, despite traces of the drug being allegedly found in hair samples during tests.
    Each of the examining doctors also concluded Dr Chahal suffered from a medical condition - details of which were not disclosed in public.
    Dr Chahal denies that the statements he made to the three doctors were misleading and dishonest.
    The GMC argues his fitness to practise is impaired because of his misconduct and adverse physical or mental health.
    The hearing continues.

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  1. EscapeDummy
    The fuck? Take away his license now and get him away from the kids. At least he isn't huffing petrol (gas = gasoline/petroleum here), but him and the nurses are a bunch of idiots.
  2. chibi curmudgeon
    I'll point out for non-UK or just non-medical people that Entonox is 50% nitrous oxide, 50% oxygen. If he was using that stuff straight out of the can...:eek: Nitrous isn't something one should play with in a situation like driving or operating medical equipment.
  3. Venusia
    Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick...this guy worked with kids? Holy shit. Fire him! This asshat is so not fit to practice medicine. What an idiot.
  4. Tux27
    SWIM's friend's dad once told him that back when he was younger, he stole a large tank of nitrous and kept it in his car. He would get together with his friends, roll up the windows, and fill the car with it. He's a police officer now.

    "He asked if they had ever tried it. He said it was fun and made you feel floaty."
    I found that absolutely hilarious, couldn't stop laughing. I just imagine the doctor crouched over a gas canister(they're mounted at the bottom of stretchers here) in doctorly attire and a stethoscope looking behind him with an "oh shit" guilty smile on his face.

    I wonder if the nurses were punished for partaking.
  5. missparkles
    I don't care what the article said, I've used Entenox (I have four kids) and trust me, the effects don't last for 12 mins, let alone twelve hours.
    The effects wear off very quickly and thats why they give it to women in labour. Because it's safe for mother and child.
    The fact that a doctor (who really should know better) decided to experiment with this stuff, is an entirely different matter.
  6. Subvert
    Lol the irony.

    Seriously that doctor should have just stole a tank and done It after his shift. xD
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