Doctors and Empathy For Those In Chronic Pain

  1. Cattle-n-HorseRancher
    Are there any doctors left out there that have empathy for those in chronic pain? I'm really starting to believe the drug abuse problem in this state has gotten so bad that one is labeled a drug seeker before you see a doctor. Its a disgraceful period of time we live in for so much drug abuse to be occurring. Am not talking of the ones who actually need help. My Uncle had bone cancer and was not allowed to have any narcotics and was in such pain at one point he went running out of this house and trying to run down the dirt road and finally collapsed from sheer agony. In the end hospice finally took over and gave the poor man relief but I don't think at that point he even was aware what dimension he was in.
    After twenty years of being on legal scripts for norco and ritalin and being suddenly cut off I am handling this entire thing pretty well. Luckily I was blessed with good parents who taught me strength and courage was above all most valuable to possess. My closest friends say I have a legit reason to lawsuit the doctor. Depends on how bad my liver has gotten but I'm looking into ways to liver cleanse and let me make this clear I never graduated high school. Only went to the 9th grade. Two years later I was married and working on building our own farm and ranch so am not educated in biology and what not. Any input on liver cleanse would be appreciated.
    Today I managed day 8 without meds and managed to get boards cut at our band saw for the new chicken house. Found two narcos in the kitchen drawer. How they got there I don't know but was sorely tempted to take one but didn't. Hurting like all get out right now from another hards days work but refuse to make others miserable so I smile and just take the pain. On the desk lays two ounces of red vein kratom but I declare am not real sure how to take it. I don't wanna be high, am not looking to get high, just want rid of this dang pain. Allergic to Nsaids so this out of the question. Its like an ever ending cycle. Reminds me of the country song Stop the world and let me off, am tired of goin' round and round....LOL
    Well, I reckon enough said my heart goes out to y'all as I sit here and try to figure out how to get through another night. Smiles and Hugs, Maw on the mountain top

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  1. prescriptionperil
    N acetylcysteine is useful for restoring glutathione levels to the liver, which acetaminophen depletes. A Google search of supplements, studies liver will give you more scientific information than simply searching for overpriced products on websites. How do you know your liver has been compromised? Avoid acetaminophen and alcohol. The liver is an amazing organ that regenerates if not completely ravaged.

    After the Florida fiasco with the pill mills and DEA raids doctors were frightened of their license.

    He just dropped the narcotics? I hope the withdrawal was tolerable.
  2. baZING
    I would tend to agree that you may have legal recourse against this doctor, BUT I will say that unfortunately medical malpractice suits are notoriously drawn out and hard to win. Do you know any other patients who are part of this doctor's practice who are in the same boat as you? If you do decide to go after him or her, you may be better off with a class-action suit... but I'm no lawyer.

    Anyway, I just wanted to throw that out there because unfortunately I've been in two separate situations when I seriously considered going after a doctor in court and that's the simple version of what I learned. That said, every case is different and again I'm not an attorney. I say do it if you want to and you can find a lawyer who thinks he or she can get it to go somewhere.
  3. MoreGutzThanGlory
    Holy Hell,
    You bought the kratom, as a chronic pain sufferer...Get using the kratom, there's no good reason to go through pain, or to suffer withdrawals without help. Just put a good sized teaspoon in a coffee mug, heat some water, (it's not a terrible drink) or add 1/3 cup of hot fluid, stir's pretty resistant to thicken...but if you have the patience to let it steep for 5 mins do it. Just start drinking it, you will have to add water when you get to the bottom of it, keep twirling the water to help you get all the kratom in your body, and not left in the mug.

    I started using kratom after 9+ months off methadone. I finally caved to the pain, that's when I ordered the red vein Borneo. Don't just let the kratom be used as an ornament in your home...get after it...haha
    It sure helps with the pain. It lasts a full 5 hrs.
    Good Luck! :vibes:
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