documentary "if drugs were legal" by bbc

By psyvision2000 · Sep 28, 2005 · ·
  1. psyvision2000

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  1. Red_Baran
    yea i watched that the other day, its some crazy shit. i think the damaging effectfrom legalizing drugs would be insane, and even if they did make them legal there would always be an illegal market for coke, H and what ever else doesn’t make it on to the "legal" market.<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />

    I do believe the we should have the right to ingest any substance we like, as long as it doesn’t effect any one else. but keeping them illegal makes some people choose not to use them, if they were legalthey would be abused on the same scale as tobacco and alcohol, and its bad enough that thoes are legal

    and SWIM'sa pot head andSWIMS high right now

    O one more thing i believe that the punishments for drugs should be a lot lighter <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />Edited by: Red_Baran
  2. Mike177
    What program dose SWIM need to watch these videos? SWIM downloaded them, and now cant watch them.
  3. polloloco001
    you need bit torrent
  4. Benga
    I believe drugs should be legalized and managed as a health issue instead of a legal one.

    In this line of thought, I also think heroin and cocaine should be legalised, because if there is a "war" on drugs to be fought it can only be won through education.

    Being addicted, physically or mentallyto a substance should not be seen as a crime but as a health and social question and I don't think that saying "no you can't have that" will help. think tobacco...but drugs like heroin don't have that much of a social prestige, and if you meet people living having to shoot up everyday, not marginalised accepted as having this health issue, as say diabetics, well the incentive to turn to this drug for recreation or escape won't be so great...

    And not to mention the separation of drug-use and rebellion, underground, and criminality which total legalisation would bring along.

    the dangers of such a policy would be an initial rise of addiction and possibly deaths from drug use at the begining, but then things would quiet down as people would learn about the true nature of drug use, and ways of dealing with it rather than putting it under carpet, pretending it doesn't exist or associating the desire "to get high" with a criminal mentality...

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  5. Nature Boy
    Legalise soft drugs e.g. shrooms, pot, smart drugs, possibly even LSD, but legalising cocaine and heroin would cause a lot of stupid people to get fucked up. International drug dealers make most of their money off pot seeing as it's the world's most popular illegal drug so pot should be legalised simply as a measure to cut back major drug dealers' financial power.
  6. Benga

    I don't agree. Prohibition is just a failure, and I don't agree with the idea of making a drug illegal in order to "protect people".mushrooms and cannabis can very well "fuck someone up" just as well. All drugs can "fuck you up", sure in different ways, physically, psychologicaly, socially,'s part of the game, and the solution is education, accepting the impulse to use drugs as not being a criminal one and the dangers associated to drug use as being medical issues, substance use complication, just as well as people can have sleeping, eating etc disorders.

    It would cause a lot of people to get fucked up if there is no information and real education. If you want to attack demand for drugs, findother ways than saying "you can't have this", offer alternative values, lifestyles whatever....this is the way to integrate substance use in society, not prohibition ! facing the facts, it's there, people want to do it and will. if it's legal, they'll only be doing it to themselves. if it's illegal....

    International drug dealers make more money on cocaine and heroin than on cannabis !! There's a lot more money being made with heroin and cocaine and these products, because of the profit margins made, actuallygive people enough money to destroy states in concerned parts of the world. It won't solve all the problems of latin america, afghanistan or asia but it would take a lot of money out of the black market, protect people by insuring that they are getting what they want (purity) without association with criminality, and with access to education, real information on the substance they are using, not folklore or propaganda. Prohibition has only brought chaos, violence, weapons and money to a few which are actual criminals.

    Users are not criminals, wanting to use a substance, however dangerous it might be, is not a crime. Sure, if heroin is legalized and sold openly in pharmacies there will probably be a few tragedies at first, but not for long. Seeing what the life of an addict really is, especially if the said addict isn't criminalised but just seen as having a heroin problem to deal with, will not fuel an incentive to go down that road. it's all about being honest with people.

    again, if you don't want people to use heroin, tell them the truth about the joys and pains of it, offer an alternative to this desire, but don't make it a criminal one, or feed people wanting to profit on it.

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  7. Dualpower
    That documentary (and dramatization) was stupid.

    It tried to be progressive, but just ended up playing out the same old prohibition stereotypes we already hear.

    The most laughable part was the guys cooking up illegal drugs bypouring random amounts of chemicals into bubbling beakerswhile dancing to techno music ... riiiiiiiiight bbc, that's how it happens.

    ..wankers..Edited by: Dualpower
  8. Benga
    I really think one of the most difficult things to do is to think outside the prohibitionist mindframe, where drugs are illegal because they are dangerous, addicting, or even pleasurable.

    many activities fall under that qualification, but our cultures have chosen to demonize drugs. Drugs just are, and people enjoy them in one way or another, for a reason or another. governements should do something about it by not letting things go unregulated as they are now, where the only law is "it's illegal". they should recognize failure of prohibition and control drug use not by hiding it or penalizing but by education and integration.
  9. Loser
    things are fine how they are now... welll mostly.. think about it..
    .drugs are only a small part of everyones life... lets not have it open
    and controlling us... laws how they are are ok... i mean we still get

    its hard to say more than that without there being 2 sides to it... so i end it
  10. Benga

    I disagree. Things are far from fine because it's possible to get drugs illegally. think about it :the current situation implies that a lot of money is being made by criminals, that people who want to use use drugs don't have access to pure products and have to deal with criminals to get them, that people facing addiction issues are being taken advantage of (in which case drugs use is not a "small part" of their lives) and sometimes end up partaking in criminal activities, that drugs production generates political instability in certain countries up to the point that there are actual narco-wars going on...for these reason notably I truly believe that the whole prohibitionist attitude to drug use should be reconsidered, drug use integrated in society (already the case with "legal drugs") and dealt with in a responsible manner : information, education, real harm reducing policies, control (of quality and price notably), seperation from the criminal world.

    keeping drugs illegal just makes drug use more dangerous, and a criminal, insecurity generating activity, this is not the way to deal with things, unless you plan to eradicate drug use from society which is totally utopian. And why would you want to do that ? because it's dangerous ? what's the danger and where does it come from ?

    as a parallel : I like wine, and I would prefer giving money to a state ( in which case the state's use of the tax generated funds can be questioned) than :giving itto some illegal wine producing drug-baron, getting it from some person who has to deal with the criminal world, paying blown up prices and not being sure of what's in the bottle, as would be the case if alcohol was illegal.

    this is what's happening with most drugs, and what happened during the 30's prohibition in the USA. I believe it's time to turn the page and start dealing with drug use in a reasonable way.Edited by: benga
  11. raven3davis
    I think all drugs should be legal, hard and soft. We are human beings and we should be able to make our own decisions. If the government actually told the truth about the effects of the drugs and educated the public about them then we would be able to make rational decisions based on what we know. Im sure more people would try heroin or coke if they became legal but not that many. I mean honestly, I can imagine all my neighbors rushing to the store to try out heroin just because it became illegal. More people might fuck their lives up, and that is sad, but there are so many ways to fuck your life up, drugs are just one of the many. Drugs are being made and sold by criminals whose main concern is money. They make their drugs in makeshift labs with the chemicals that they can get their hands on. This poses a threat to the enviroment and those consuming the drugs. Just look at what ecstasy has become. When X was legal, it was X and nothing else. You knew what you were going to get and didnt have to worry about meth or research chemicals or whatever they might put in tabs these days. The war on drugs is doing more damage than good. Good people are going to jail because of drugs and prisons are being overcrowded. I mean, drug charges can get you more time than molestation. If drugs were legalized there would be no need to prostitute, steal, or kill to get them, which many addicts will do. We should help those who need help and leave those alone who done need it. I mean if someone wants to kill themselves with drugs, then in all honesty, I think they should have the right to. It isnt pretty, but life isnt pretty, people need to get over it. The bottom line is that people will do what they want to do reguardless of weather drugs are safe, unsafe, legal or illegal. If more information was available on drugs then people would be able to make rational decisions like they should be able to. The war on drugs is not a success and never will be. The government is just wasting their time and money. They might bust one person, but soon enough someone else who wants the money will take their place. If drugs were legalized, and everyone killed themselves from heroin and cocaine, then so be it. I doubt that would happen anyways. Its survival of the fittest. The strong will survive, and multiply, and the weak will take too much smack and die off.
  12. BrugmansiaBrujo
    All drugs should be legal.

    We as drug users must be united politically to make it happen. To say
    that plant drugs should be legal, but not coke, heroin, E, or what
    ever, is bogus.

    We already have that fracturing of society, with alcohol and tobacco.
    Users of those drugs have their favorite drug legal, and could care
    less about the rest of us other drug users. We don't need yet more
    groups of certain drug users getting their favorite legalized, and not
    caring about the rest of the folks.

    Make it all legal. And with that, take the State out of the "baby
    sitting" business. Along with legalized drugs must come personnal
    accountability and responsibility. The State can be involved in
    HONEST education efforts, and harm reduction if they wish, no problem
    with that. But if a person fucks themselves up with drugs, they
    should be held accountable for their actions, with no "bailout" coming
    at taxpayer's expense. They just have to deal with it, or die.

    No sueing the makers of the drug, as in these rediculous lawsuits
    against the tobacco companies. Shit man, what did you expect to happen
    when you ignore the warnings on the package and huff down 3 packs a day?

    Edited by: BrugmansiaBrujo
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