Does drink spiking occur in NZ?

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  1. chillinwill
    New Zealand experts are disputing a British study that drink-spiking with date-rape drugs is an urban myth.

    A Kent University study of more than 200 students found many women blamed the effects of a "bad night out" on date-rape drugs when they had drunk excessively.

    Does drink spiking occur in NZ?

    Deal to Crims (Rotorua)
    44 minutes ago Having stated that spiking does occur - I have to also agree with others that too much alcohol is also a cause of many problems. They are all mind altering drugs.

    If a woman is drunk and is incabable of giving consent or of declining sex, then she is being raped. Not a good situation for either party if one thinks it is with consent and the other doesnt. OOps.

    Learn to avoid these situations. Think in advance. Lots & lots of prevention measures but you need to have them in place before you go out.

    Gazbo (Auckland)
    Rohypnol is the most likely drug to be used. This causes memory loss and can knock you out completely.

    GHB has the taste of either salt or acetone depending on form which are both quite distinctive and horrible flavours to be in your drink - unless you are drinking margeritas or straight whisky, then you may not notice.

    The worst thing is your body can not process GBH/GBL and alcohol at the same time, preferring to process the GBH and allowing excess alcohol into your bloodstream. If you overdose on GHB it will knock you out. If you are intoxicated as well then you may suffer severe alcohol poisoning while unconscious.

    This has lead to deaths in NZ and overseas which is why it is illegal.

    Only go out in groups. Don't accept drinks from strangers. Keep your drinks with you at all times and do not leave them unattended. If your drink tastes weird - don't shrug it off and don't be cheap. Take it to the bar manager if possible or just get rid of it.

    Most important - Look out for your friends. Don't just ditch them.

    Deal to Crims (Rotorua)
    Yes drink spiking occurs and I have produced a DVD that covers this topic (as amongst other things I teach women how to avoid aggressive and violent situations and how to deal with them when they are unavoidable).

    There are many ways to avoid violence, avoid date rape, and to be safe. But people have to be willing to take these measures. It is a mindset. If you are serious about being safe you can be safe. If you only give it token consideration you are likely to end up in trouble.

    Gazbo (Auckland)
    Yes it does, but not too the extent it is reported. Many claims of drink spiking really are just too much booze.

    In saying that, A female friend had her drink spiked in Hamilton with some mystery substance that scared us greatly. Luckily she was in a large group including myself who noted a guy acting weirdly around her. He moved along quickly once he saw us return from the dancefloor.

    She had consumed one beer and a water by that point - although she said her water tasted funny. 15 minutes later she was going through hell. It took 6 hours for the drugs to work out of her system and I sat with her the whole time. She was really scared and felt mentally out of control. Definitely not a booze overdose.

    Brian Robinson (Hamilton)
    Consistent research says that almost all who claim to have been drugged by drink spiking were actually intoxicated. Mostly self inflicted intoxication, although it may be convenient to blame somebody else, or a "perpetrator".

    Kim McGregor has no justification for disputing the finding of the British study.

    What is consistent, is that each year rape publicity advocates add to the hysteria about the possibility of drink spiking with some anecdotal claims of the prevalence or effects of "date rape drugs". I note that in the examples McGregor presented that there is no confirmation that drugs, other than alcohol, had been involved.

    Jan Jordan adds to the misinformation by implying that "perpetrators" are responsible for getting young women drunk. She simply needs to walk into town on a late Saturday night to establish for herself that young women are quite capable of getting drunk by themselves.

    Both Kim and Jan are correct in as much as there is a possibility that drugs, including alcohol are sometimes involved in crimes of rape, and false accusations of rape.

    Hysteria about drink spiking is however unhelpful in solving the real problems associated with youth and alcohol

    November 5, 2009
    New Zealand Herald

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  1. EscapeDummy
    I hope they realize, its not always the guy who initiate sex... could be the girl initiating it.
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