Dogs brought to animal shelter after cocaine overdose

By chillinwill · Oct 19, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Two dogs are critically ill after an accidental cocaine overdose. The dogs' owners say they think someone threw a bag of cocaine into their yard. That's when their dogs started eating it. There's an ongoing investigation, but the owners don't have enough money for a vet and dropped them off at Safe Harbor Animal shelter. This is just one case of many like that coming to the shelter.

    It is a hectic night at Safe Harbor Animal Shelter.

    The two dogs, high on cocaine need constant monitoring and medication to sedate them so the seizures will subside .

    "Cocaine should run it's course in about 7-8 hours. This has been going on 24 hours now and we think what might have happened is that they swallowed the packets and it's slowly seeping out," said Kay-Lynette Roca, Executive Director of Safe Harbor.

    Meanwhile, in the operating room next door an American bull dog is recovering after an emergency C-section.

    "She had 105 temperature, very sick, dead puppies stuck in the birth canal," Roca tells us.

    Two of the puppies were born alive but barely.Vets and technicians desperately try their best to save the tiny newborns... But it doesn't look good. Their owners say they took the mother to another vet but, "They told us to come here because we couldn't pay nothing." said dog owner Jennifer Lopez.

    Roca says that's happening more and more. Pets owners can't pay for care. Vets and other shelters tell owners to bring their pets to Safe Harbor.

    "We're probably eating an average of five thousand dollars a day on any given day here," Roca said.

    Demand is way up and Donations, their only source of funding, are down. Roca says they could soon be forced to shut their doors.

    It's unclear if two dogs that ingested the cocaine will survive. And those puppies, one never recovered, but there is a happy ending. One did survive. Safe Harbor hopes it can too.

    Safe Harbor Animal Shelter says it really needs your donations.

    John Bachman
    October 16, 2009

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  1. MsBrownstone
    Aww, poor things. A friend of Sways had a dog that ate a Kentucky Fried Chicken carton full of mushroom chocolate candies once.. It was awful, it didn't get sick from the chocolate, but it stayed in the closet shaking and tripping face for two days straight...
  2. StoneMan
    "The dogs' owners say they think someone threw a bag of cocaine into their yard."

    That is extremely unlikely - cocaine costs far too much. If they were deliberately poisoned, a more likely substance would be strychnine-based rat poison.
  3. psyche
    If it was cocaine, the most likely case would be a dealer getting rid of the evidence when spotting a police.
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