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DOH: Caffeine content in coffee incorrectly labeled

By torachi, Dec 14, 2010 | | |
  1. torachi
    The Taipei City Department of Health (DOH) surveyed various coffee shops and discovered that the caffeine content in half the samples were labeled incorrectly, allowing the public to unwittingly consume large quantities of caffeine.

    TAIPEI, Taiwan — Currently, the caffeine content in coffee is depicted by stickers of red (200 mg and above), yellow (100-200 mg) and green (100 mg and below). The DOH surveyed over 30 cups of coffee from 15 establishments including convenience stores, cafe chains and individual coffee shops.

    Those found by the DOH to contain the highest caffeine levels were Ikari Coffee's large latte (330 ml with 367.2 mg caffeine), classic coffee (230 ml with 250 mg) and 85 Degrees Coffee's small Americano (360 ml with 249.7 mg).

    Among the drinks tested it was found Ikari Coffee had incorrectly labeled caffeine content; the DOH has notified the establishment to make the necessary changes.

    The lowest caffeine levels tested were Barista Coffee's small “Lattino,” and the small lattes at Family Mart and Starbucks Coffee; all the coffees were 240ml in volume and contained 76.2 mg, 76.9 mg and 78.4 mg of caffeine respectively.

    The DOH discovered that 11 coffees were incorrectly labeled and five were being sold without any labels, raising the rate of health violations to 53.4 percent.

    Experts say that the amount of daily caffeine consumption should not exceed 300 mg, which translates to one red-sticker drink a day or three green-sticker drinks per day.

    Updated Tuesday, December 14, 2010 11:09 am
    TWN, The China Post news staff



  1. Potter
    This does not surprise me at all. Roasting is rarely scientific and will inevitably lead to variations in caffeine, as I'm sure the coffee crop it self is some what variable, especially with single origin coffees. Water hardness, water temperture, brew technique, brew length, grind size... Using an espresso machine is something of an art and there's plenty of room for wild variation.

    Wonder how much caffeine content varies by country of origin?
  2. trippylara
    In Taiwan there's a street drug called 'Koffee' which is in a packet of coffee, tastes and smells like coffee but either has k, meth or MDMA in it. My friend suzie drank a whole one with meth in it and she loved it. However a packet is normally divided by two.
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