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Doherty 'to be freed next week'

By lexifer · May 2, 2008 · ·
  1. lexifer


    I saw a thread on the topic of Pete Doherty getting arrested and thought about posting this article in that thread but decided against it. If my first instinct is correct I apologize, and if that's the case, if a mod could assist in placing this thread where it belongs.


  1. ihavequestions
    doherty is a fucking retard. he looks pretty dirty looking too.
  2. Beanfondler
    Swibf could care less about his feelings toward Doherty or substitutable individual. The outrage depicted in the number of lives ruined for committing non-violent, purely statutory "crimes" blows Swibf away. The sooner we manage to reverse the caging of our fellow man the better. If its allowed to continue as it has well all learn to loath and love our cages above anything else.
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