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Dolphins Die of Drug Overdose after Swiss Rave

  1. AltrdPercption
    "Dolphins Die of Drug Overdose after Swiss Rave

    The toxicology reports are in and now we know: Two dolphins in Switzerland died from a drug overdose.

    Shadow and Chelmers, residents of the Connyland Marine Park in northeast Switzerland, died within five days of each other in November — soon after the area adjacent to their tank was rented out for a weekend rave. Initial speculation surmised that the loud music stressed the dolphins, leading to a weakened immune system and eventually death. But an autopsy revealed that a heroin substitute was the real culprit.

    Toxicology reports from a forensics institute in St. Gallen, Switzerland, were just released and show the two dolphins had buprenorphine, a heroin substitute, in their urine, according to the Daily Mail. Reports speculate that the substance may have been dumped in the tank during the rave, accidentally or as a practical joke.

    (PHOTOS: 10 Animals Facing Extinction)

    Experts believe the drug plays tricks on a dolphins’ brain, switching off the monitor telling them they need to surface for air; the effects certainly sound terrifying. Connyland dolphin keeper Nadja Gasser told the Daily Mail that trainers noticed Chelmers simply drifting underwater and in obvious trouble. “We tried to hold him. He was shaking all over and was foaming at the mouth,” she said. Trainers worked unsuccessfully for an hour in an attempt to rescue the dolphin.

    Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/05/08/dolphins-die-of-drug-overdose-in-switzerland/?iid=nf-article-mostpop1#ixzz1uOPc0IYU"



  1. baba_yaga
    aww :(
    I hope someone didn't do that deliberately... poor dolphins.
  2. Karmageddon
    How much buprenorphine would have to have been dumped in the tank to OD a couple of dolphins? I mean, if they weren't even ingesting it firsthand and it were diluted by the water that they were swimming in, it would have to be a crapload, right? And they died days after ingestion? This doesn't make sense to me but I am a cynic by nature.
  3. baba_yaga
    Maybe someone dropped the tablets in and the dolphins went for them. Very hedonistic creatures dolphins...maybe they mistook it for molly :p
  4. greenfairy1034
    How would a dolphin even know who molly is? lol. This was a good read though. As a person who routinely attends raves, this article is evidence of how important it is to be responsible with drugs. Leaving them in the wrong place is not a good idea. God forbid a small child, or even more dolphins, get a hold of a dangerous drug or research chemical.
  5. the2headedboy
    Dolphins can't handle their shit.


    My theory is something was wrong with the dolphins or maybe they were completely fine and a trainer gave them the bupe to see what would happen. Bupe is often used with animals in a veterinary setting as an anesthetic or analgesic. It's usually quite safe, but not with an animal that has such a complicated relationship with breathing. They basically have to consciously breathe.

    Of course it's more likely some fucked up hippie put some stop signs in fish and poisoned those poor mammal fishies.
  6. monkeyspanker
    I seriously doubt it was a trainer or vet in care of the animals that caused this tragic situation. I give you credit for suggesting the best possible way that the dolphins could have received a fatal dose... from putting it in a food source, that was exactly my thoughts when this thread was started.

    Welcome to the forums :) the 2headedboy, please don't use drug slang on an international site, especially one like 'Stop Signs", that is vague at best even here in the USA, I had to look that one up myself.

    I cannot begin so say how F'd up this is, I'm waaaay beyond pissed off, may the perp rot in a nasty, vomit filled room full of sexual perverts for decades, then have one die in their ass, only to crawl out and enter their mouth only to die again, I hope the Dolphin species can forgive us this idiot (who probably thought it'd be funny to see how they reacted to the drug, only to wander off and continue dancing without giving it another thought :mad:)...Grrrrrrrrr!!!!

    As a longtime drug user and pet owner, I've always kept the animals in another room when a party in on, then making sure the floor is vacuumed promptly afterwards before they can come out, the cat especially, he could put most carpet farmers tweeked out to shame, zeroing in on the slightest spec of a possible food crumb from across the room in the time it takes you to blink.
  7. enquirewithin
    Dolphins often die in captivity anyway as they hate being locked up in a tank, but the owners should not have allowed a rave to go on around them and anyone feeding them with toxic drugs needs.. what can I say?

    Anyone wondering about dolphins and captivity should look at Ric O'Barry's work.

  8. AltrdPercption
    Why would anyone intentionally put bupe in a tank with dolphins?

    My first take was that the blame was instantly put on the ravers, and everyone else (dolphin care staff) ruled out.

    I find it hard that if a few 8mg bupe pills were tossed into a HUGE tank that was capable of holding dolphins that they would be able to absorb/eat enough of the drug... unless the dolphins just swam up too them and thought they were yummy candies. (however have never heard of dolphin trainers giving them anything other than fish)

    So ... could it be that a staff member gave the dolphins the bupe via a shot? Maybe something was wrong and they did try to help, but then freaked out, ran and tossed any blame on those evil ravers.

    I just find it hard to believe that the dolphins could have absorbed a lethal level of buprenorphine just via some pills/strips tossed into the tank.

    And, since when has bupe been a rave drug? Most people I know if they have bupe they either selling it for dope or holding it tight so they do not get sick, they arent giving it away to dolphins just for kicks.
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