Dominican Cops Seize Nearly 4 Tons of Cocaine

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    Dominican authorities seized a total of 1,636 kilos (3,603 lbs.) of cocaine and arrested two people in two separate operations, the DNCD counter-narcotics agency said Tuesday.

    The first consignment of 1,136 kilos (2,502 lbs.) had been thrown in the sea from a boat some 100 miles off Punta Caucedo and was seized Monday in an operation in which no arrests were made, DNCD spokesman Roberto Lebron told Efe.

    The operation, in which members of the DNCD, the navy and the air force took part, was carried out on land and sea and was completed with searches in different parts of the nation’s eastern region, the spokesman said.

    Confiscated later in the same area was a shipment of 500 kilos (1,100 lbs.) of cocaine, with the arrest on the vessel of two as yet unidentified men.

    May 25, 2010
    Latin American Herald Tribune

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