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Dominican Drug Enforcement Agents Arrest 2 Smugglers

By buseman · Jun 4, 2010 ·
  1. buseman
    SANTO DOMINGO – Two men were arrested for attempting to smuggle nearly 500 kilos of cocaine into the Dominican Republic, the DNCD drug enforcement agency said.

    Luis D. Vasquez Rivera, a Puerto Rican suspected of being the leader of an international drug trafficking organization based in Colombia, and Antonio Carmona, whose nationality was not released, were arrested at Las Americas International Airport, located east of Santo Domingo.

    Vasquez Rivera arrived in the Dominican Republic from Venezuela, media outlets reported.

    Carmona was responsible for protecting Vasquez Rivera, whose organization has branches in Curacao, Venezuela and Puerto Rico, as well as in the Dominican Republic, the DNCD said.

    The cocaine that Vasquez Rivera allegedly tried to smuggle into the Dominican Republic was dropped off by a speedboat in the waters off Bayahibe, a city in the eastern part of the Caribbean nation.

    Cesar Buitrago Lopez, a Colombian national, and Dominicans Angel Montero Baez, Leudi Alberto Morato Ponces and Antonio Ramirez were arrested on drug charges.

    Drug enforcement agents seized an earlier shipment of 1,136 kilos of cocaine about 100 miles off Punta Caucedo and suspect the drugs may belong to Vasquez Rivera’s organization.

    Friday June 4,2010


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