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  1. Euthanatos93420
    I come from the ability to know anything I need to know about a dying person. I come from knowing their history and the purpose of their death. I love them for this sacrifice that all must make. I am there and if they do not fear then I can show them these things I know but when they fear me I am sad because I must wait greet their loved ones so that they can find me again and see that there is nothing to fear as I love those they love.

    To this limited knowledge and awareness, without the comfort of purpose behind death. Without empathy for the living. I am Mahakla, death incarnate. It is simply my job in this life to observe, to witness. To do all of these things and have all of these experience without murdering (or suiciding outside the appointed time) because to do so would be a paradox capable of destroying the universe (only to be reconciled by my departure).

    And so I suffer these memories of bloodshed murder, mayham and sacrifice. I can remember why human sacrifice is not only necessary but inevitable. Ignoring this fact has only been allowed because mother is sleeping. It's almost time for her to wake up and I come to this world because I must know intimitately that which will enrage her violent aspect that I may conduct the sacrifice so that she may manifest as well to banish this denial and break the pendulum.


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