Don't snort vodka

By snapper · Oct 10, 2007 · ·
  1. snapper

    Warning over vodka snorting fad
    Some drinkers are snorting vodka through the nose to get drunk more quickly in a fad that alcohol health workers say could be dangerous. The Alcohol Problems Advisory Service in Derby said people were snorting the spirit through a straw or from a thin glass tube. Bar owners have told BBC that the trend is on the rise amongst some drinkers in the city, particularly students.Officials have warned the activity can lead to long-term health damage.
    Bar staff said some people were "in tears" after trying the trend, while others reacted so quickly they were seen falling to the floor as a result of snorting the alcohol. Nick Tegadine from the Alcohol Problems Advisory Service said pubs, clubs and bars should get together with the authorities to clamp down robustly on the problem. "It will get you drunk more quickly than drinking vodka, which of course is why some people do it but over time it will damage your nose. When you're collapsed on the floor you certainly do not look very clever Nick Tegadine, Alcohol Problems Advisory Service "The fact that you get drunk more quickly means you are more likely to have an accident and do things that you later regret." He said vodka is also being sold in thin tubes, which allows the drinker to insert the spirit like nose drops. "These things tend not to sustain themselves because eventually bars get the message that they're getting more trouble than its worth. "It's not a very nice thing to do, its like taking nose drops ... and when you're collapsed on the floor you certainly do not look very clever," Mr Tegadine said. "It's hopefully a passing phase but it will pass much more quickly if the club owners act responsibly, police and trading standards get together and say this is a bad idea don't do it."
    The Coyote Wild club in the city has already banned people from snorting vodka on its premises and owners said anyone caught doing so would be barred.

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  1. jayjohnson81
    Funniest shit ever.

    Sometimes I really wish we could just let the darwin effect have at `em. But I guess as caring, compassionate, idiot lovers (humanimals, I like to call `em) we need to protect them from themselves. Besides,

    "When you're collapsed on the floor you certainly do not look very clever."

    (Because get plastered is all about looking clever.)
  2. doppey
    Can anyone say how well it really works? SWIM's heard alot of people say it works quite well. He's tried it with Sake (15% alcohol) and it didn't burn too bad but the effect wasn't too impressive. To those who've tried it, is a higher alcohol percetage neseccary?
  3. Kodi
    whats the dosage? its gotta be minute, i couldnt imagine snorting like a shot of vodka
  4. doppey
    Apparently you stick a tube into a shot glass and just rip it till your nose is full. I've heard of people at clubs just sniffing off the groove in the bottom of the shot glass which isnt much. you can also pour up to an oz of chilled liquor on the dip in the bottom of a beer can and rail outta that.
  5. Zentaurus41
    Id like to see someone do this with everclear.
  6. flipthecandy
    hahah i don't think the person that would try it with everclear would ever do it again.

    how's the old saying go? "if it aint broke dont fix it" why does everybody want to improve everything? just drinking vodka is fine with me anyway. i suppose this is just another trend..
  7. Purest
    And now by publishing that, lots more students will try it if they didn't know of the fad. Warning the masses about a minority problem inevitably leads to more people trying it.
  8. LeibstandarteAdH
    Always has in my case. Hell i didnt even know about it. SWIM is going to try it with his next dose of methadone in exchange for the usual shot this evening. He will post results.
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