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  1. chillinwill
    TELLY gardener Jim McColl yesterday warned gardeners not to be duped into thinking deadly dance drug mephedrone was a fertiliser.

    The drug - known as meow meow, M-cat or bubbles - is being sold online as plant food, marked "not for human consumption".

    But the legal high has been linked to 27 deaths in the UK - seven in Scotland - and the Government this week began moves to make it a Class B banned drug. A ban on imports came in this week.

    Beechgrove Garden presenter Jim McColl fears "naive gardeners" had been duped by the claims about mephedrone being a fertiliser.

    The BBC Scotland presenter said that while he was unsure if the powder would kill flowers and vegetables, he was adamant it would do nothing to help them grow.

    He said: "It is a combination of chemicals but none of them ring with me as a genuine plant food.

    "Naive gardeners may have been taken in but not in a million years would this be good for your geraniums or your cabbages.

    "It is being sold as plant food and I think some people have taken this literally."

    Mephedrone's effects are similar to those of cocaine and ecstasy but users can suffer palpitations and psychosis.

    Meanwhile, another expert quit the Government's Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs yesterday over mephedrone.

    Eric Carlin said the decision to criminalise the drug was "unduly based on media and political pressure".

    Charlie Gall
    April 3, 2010
    Daily Record


  1. divinemomentsoftruth
    Wow, just wow. The plant food charade has gone incredibly too far.

    SWIM wonders if somewhere some poor moronic farmer bought a few kilos of mephedrone for their crop and just screwed themselves for this years market :laugh:
  2. coolhandluke
    this person has the right idea, as far as (PLANT) harm reduction goes. would make a good lawyer and or drug addict advocate. only hes only interested in gardening. lol
  3. Love4TheWeekend
    And somehow this is news...to people so far removed from the scene that they might actually fall for the "Plant Food" bit hook, line, and sinker.

    Any gardener who manages to honestly find himself on a website with MMC, Meph***, Meow, Miaow, Bubbles, or any variation thereof in the title or body of the text of site, WITH THE HONEST INTENTION OF BUYING PLANT FOOD, probably isn't a real good gardener. Definitely needs to tweak his Google search a tad, too.

    What's worse? Pawning this off as warning to "naive gardeners". Admit it man, you got duped and now realize how incredibly naive YOU were? Maybe? Huh? Just maybe?

    Good laugh. Thanks for posting.
  4. Lithop
    We can laugh (as it is indeed funny!) but how many people never use drugs (ok, with the exception of alcohol & cigs, which they'd never consider drugs) know nothing about what mephedrone actually is, and all their knowledge of it comes from hysterical tabloid newspapers telling them that the kids of today are sniffing plant food?

    I can see how some naive souls would believe that!
  5. godztear
    Just out of curiosity, has anyone actually tried using it as a plant food or fertilizer? Just by this statement here, I'm not so sure about this guy:

    The "unsure" part of the statement makes me believe that he is full of poop. Just more media hype seeking IMO.
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