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Dope of the year: Man butt-dials 911 while buying drugs

  1. source
    A Pennsylvania man allegedly meeting with a drug seller accidentally dialled 911 on his cell and inadvertly summoned the police, according to the police.

    Just say no.

    Justin Kryzanowski, 24, of Scranton, Pa., was allegedly in a car meeting with his drug dealer, "Rick," when his not-so-smart phone dialed 911 on Wednesday, allowing dispatchers to overhear the entire conversation. Authorities later busted into Kryzanowski’s home and say they found loaded syringes, pills, drug paraphernalia and brass knuckles, an incident report cited by the Scanton Times-Tribune said.

    After hearing enough to identify a drug deal was likely going down, Lackawanna County Communications Center emergency operators notified Scranton Police that a phone had called out from the middle of a suspected drug deal, reported the paper.

    Cops pursued Kryzanowski to his residence by following his cell phone's signal.

    Kryzanowski has been charged with possession of a controlled substance and has been cooling his heels in Lackawanna County Prison on a $5,000 bond since being booked Wednesday, according to a Lackawanna County Prison spokesperson.

    Kryzanowski has a preliminary hearing set for Aug. 15.

    By Ryan Gorman, New York Daily News, 10th August 2012. News story can be found here


  1. -Amph-
    Holy shit, And I thought butt dialing my mom while having sex was bad..
  2. source
    Haha! Yeah that wouldn't get you arrested... or did it? :laugh:

    This article did make me laugh a bit, but then on a serious note, it just shows how easy things like this can happen. I've done it myself loads of times. I think I accidentally phoned my mum whilst shooting up with my bf once, god knows how I did that but it took my mum a year before she actually told me.... I think I would have kept something like that quiet, I didn't really 'need' to know that she heard that.
  3. kumar420
    not quite darwin award worthy, but still very amusing. talk about bum luck
  4. reef88
    That guy has the worst luck ever. What happened to the drug dealer?
  5. helenanoor
    Lol, really gave me a good laugh, thank you! I guess this could happen to just about anybody.. But come on at least be smart enough to lock your phone before you put it in your pocket. Shit luck though
  6. gluebagg
    lol dats a kick in the balls dat haha
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