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Dope smoker complains to Swedish police over psychedelic hash

  1. Motorhead
    Dope smoker complains to Swedish police over psychedelic hash

    Police in southern Sweden received a visit from an unhappy member of the public who asked authorities to test the hashish be had purchased for traces of LSD, complaining that the smoke had been way too strong.

    The Local reports that the 26-year-old man asked officers to register a formal complaint over the quality of his gear, stating that his session had left him feeling distinctly paranoid and his girlfriend seemingly morphing into a sea creature.

    The cannabis connoisseur comes from Eslov in the Skane province, where fellow smokers are no doubt excited at the news of the psychedelic weed. He went on to inform police that not once during ten years of using hashish as a recreational drug had he endured such a bad trip, ignoring the fact that the drug has been illegal since 1930 in Sweden.

    His suspicions that his latest purchase may have been laced with LSD started soon after he puffed on a joint, at which point his television allegedly began talking to him; followed by the epiphany that his girlfriend was actually a dolphin.

    “It could possibly be classified as assault, if the hash is found to contain LSD,” said Eslov police officer Mats G Odestal, who also informed media that it was debateable whether the hashish provider would be facing charges over the products quality. The dealer is unlikely to face any charges at all given his customer’s reluctance to reveal his identity, despite the experience leaving him shaken and frightened.

    March 02, 2010
    Ice News


  1. mrsvend3245
    Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stupid people I see. You can't smoke LSD! Maybe if people knew more then they might not be so blind to the beautiful things around them
  2. anonuser30500
    Nothing tops the American cop and his wife who ate the hash brownies and phoned 911 for an ambulance.

    You can hear that one, if you've not already, by searching the usual video websites.
  3. chillinwill
    I could have sworn I saw this article posted by Terrapinz the other day, but cannot seem to locate it now.
  4. Terrapinzflyer
    ^^ I deleted it- motorheads had a pretty picture :laugh:
  5. cra$h
    and people don't believe me when I say the world is overflowing with idiots....
  6. Herbal Healer 019
    Hash laced with synthetic cannabinoids maybe?..I would think so

    LSD?!, hell no. Not smokable.

    "Hey officer, yyea I just bought this trippy ass hash can you send it off to the lab for me & send it back with the lab results?"
  7. Thirdedge
    Swim too would be pissed if he had purchased some hash and it resulted in strong hallucinogens that he was not expecting. Most people think of LSD when they experience hallucinogens, even if an RC is realistically the likely culprit. LSD can in fact be smoked, while science states it can not swim has received reports from experienced trippers saying it worked but was uneconomical, make of that what you will.

    Reporting this is the right thing to do, selling a strong psychedelic as a mild psychoactive like hash is wrong and this user has decided to get the word out to warn other hash smokers to be careful. Note he did not name the dealer, just let the police know whats going around.

    Unfortunately, due to stupid prohibition laws reporting these sorts of things is not really a practical option in most cases, however correct me if I'm wrong, but isn,t weed nearly legal or decriminalized in Sweden, like just an instant fine or something for personal use?
  8. cra$h
    you'd never see that with a junkhead. typical fuckin stoner. Thinks that since eventually maybe bud is gonna be legal and widely accepted, its perfectly fine to be so open about something that's STILL ILLEGAL.
  9. oros
    Well, if it's not smokable how come that they complain that it is psychedelic?
  10. chinpokomaster
    My television talks to me all the time. Is that not supposed to happen?
  11. Vic.
    I could test the substance for him.
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