Dreary Days

By Ryda · Feb 8, 2014 · ·
  1. Ryda
    Well, even though I said I wouldn't do it again, I double dosed the exact same amount as last week. So my last dose was Wednesday @ 11 pm, and my pick-up day is Monday @ 10:30 am(Stupid holidays!!). The past day and a bit hasn't been bad at all, like I have said, I'm usually okay until 50+hours after my last dose, although I do get the chills/sweats and it is harder to sleep, although I do usually sleep well, until the night before pick-up. Thankfully, I concocted a plan which worked flawlessly. So today I woke up feeling a little worse than usual, and I started thinking about the times (at least 5 or 6 times) that my pharmacy has accidentally shorted me 1 day worth of methadone, and every time I caught onto it, I would just go back and they would give me the correct amount, no need to look at my bottles, no need for a dr. note or anything, they just gave it to me. So I thought to myself today, why don't I just go to the pharmacy and tell them they shorted me again? That is exactly what I did, and poof, the pharmacist gave me 1 day worth no questions asked. I guess there are benefits to having clean piss tests every time and having no "bad things" on my methadone record. To my doctor and my pharmacy, I am an angel. Now, that said, I will NOT do this every time, because it's not fair to put my health care workers in that position. I will only do this, this one time, because I know that if I do it too many times or too frequently, I'll be labelled a drug seeker and lose my carries and my good relationships. I have gotten extra doses before, one time because I said I spilled 2 days worth of methadone, and since it was a weekend, they couldn't get a hold of my Doctor to ask if they could dispense more (which my doc most likely would have anyway) and they just gave me 2 extra doses no questions asked, and my doctor never got wind of it. The second time, I said I vomited up my dose right after taking it. That time they had to call my doctor and the methadone controlling agency to get through the bureaucracy that is methadone, but after a few hours, they had a replacement dose ready for me.

    So I count my lucky stars that I live in Canada, where the system really is relaxed in certain ways, as well as having got probably the best methadone doctor in the province and the best pharmacy/pharmacist EVER! Me and the pharmacist are tight, we have hung out at the bar, seen hockey games together and we do swap gifts and cards during the holidays, so like I said before, I will not be doing this extra dose thing any more. I will have to either get back on track with my doses so I take them on time, or if I do still double dose, I'll have to just deal with the consequences associated with it. Now I will drift into the methadone warmth, and wait for Monday :).

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  1. Cwb20022
    Do you even notice a difference in effect when you double up? Most people who dose methadone regularly wouldn't notice much a difference. But instead next time don't double dose but dose and a half. Half a dose would be enough to keep you from getting anxious. And I doubt you'll notice taking a little less.
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