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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Mumbai: The directorate of revenue intelligence (DRI), Ahmedabad, arrested Abhijeet Konduskar, managing director of Kamud Drugs and two employees of an export firm on Saturday for drugs trafficking. Konduskar was on bail in a Mumbai DRI case of drugs trafficking when he committed the second offence.

    Konduskar, Sujal Patel, owner of Anshanu Exports, and his manager Babu Sharma have been remanded in judicial custody. Officials said the goods declared by Anshanu Exports as food items contained six kg of Ketamine, a party drug, and 37 kg Methamphetamine. Officials seized 431 kg of another stimulant drug and 81 kg of Ketamine from Kamud's Sangli premises.

    On December 6, TOI was the first to report that the Ahmedabad DRI was investigating Konduskar. Officials said that Anshanu had declared 43 packages to the US and another 24 to UK containing food items for export by air. "Some packets carried the labels of Kamud Drugs and in the tests it was found to contain Ketamine," an official said.

    Some of the other packets contained Methamphetamine. Patel told the officials that he had procured the chemicals from Kamud Drugs. From Anshanu Exports, officials seized some other chemicals, including those, used in the manufacture of Viagra.

    In the first case, the DRI had seized 1,021 kg illegally manufactured Ketamine valued at Rs 102 crore in the international market, another chemical Mephedrone and Rs 1 crore in cash during a raid at the Kamud factory and other premises in June. A DRI official said the company had a licence to produce Ketamine, but Konduskar had increased the production to supply overseas buyers.

    While the government controls the manufacture of Ketamine, which is a party drug, Mephedrone is not banned in India but forbidden in other countries.

    C Unnikrishnan, TNN | Dec 20, 2011, 03.37AM IST



  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Gujarat drug seizure probe now set to cross borders

    The investigation into the seizure of 6 kg of Ketamine and 37kg of Methamphetamine that were concealed in food packets to be couriered to the UK and the US is set to cross boundaries. DRI officials, who also recovered 48 kg of suspected Alprazolam tablets from one of the residences of courier agent Sujal Patel is likely to contact officials concerned in the US, UK and Canada to determine who ordered the consignment.

    Additional Director General, DRI, Ahmedabad, RK Singh said investigations were on in the matter and they may seek the help of officials in UK and USA to find out who ordered the consignment. DRI officials are also looking at the possible involvement of some non-resident Gujaratis (NRGs) in the matter.

    The 48 kg of suspected Alprazolam tablets were found from one of Sujal's residences in Paldi. Sujal himself was earlier arrested by DRI officials from Mehsana.

    Investigations by DRI officials have revealed that the address to which the drugs were to meant to be couriered, was a fake one. It has also been found that the drugs were ferried from Sangli, where they were manufactured, to Ahmedabad by bus. DRI officials are also on the look out for a UK national who allegedly visited Mumbai in connection with the consignment. They may even approach the UK authorities to help nab the man. Earlier, DRI officials had also raided a factory in Sangli in Maharashtra from where the 37kg of Methamphetamine was manufactured.

    Abhijeet Konduskar, director of the factory was also arrested in connection with the case.

  2. Terrapinzflyer
    Sujal Patel’s drug supply went to NRGs in USA, UK

    With the arrest of Sujal Patel, director of Anshuman Exports, DRI officials claim that they have busted an international drug supply racket. The officials claim that Patel had links with courier agents in the USA and the UK, who received parcels on his behalf, and the drugs were being supplied to NRGs settled there.

    According to official sources, Patel had received huge quantity of Aprazolam tablets in November. The tablets were couriered to him from Delhi. With this, he also received huge quantity of contraband Methamphetamine and Ketamine. He then repacked them at his residence on CG Road.

    The packets were hidden in kitchen items which were to be sent to the USA and the UK on fictitious names and addresses. The officials claimed that Patel was in touch with USA-based courier agency M/s Mark III and UK-based agency M/s Galaxy Express.

    The DRI had seized 37 packets of Methamphetamine from the airport and his residence. The total weight of these packets was 37.458 kg, the value of which in the international market was in crores.The officials also seized six packets of Ketamine weighing 5.997 kg. The market value of one kg Ketamine is said to be Rs10 lakh. The total value of the two contraband substances seized is said to be of Rs38 crore.

    The sources said Patel is the mastermind of the racket, who used to send consignments of Ketamine to the UK and the USA where the demand is high. Ketamine drug is also known as 'Special K' and 'Super Acid' and it is popular among youth. It is a well-known party drug.

    According to sources, in February 2009, Patel's company M/s ACX International had caught the attention of the Customs (Preventive) for supply of expensive foreign made cigarettes through courier baggage, at the cargo complex at the airport. He had also been caught for supply of gutkhas.

    Published: Tuesday, Dec 20, 2011, 14:37 IST
    By DNA Correspondent | Place: Ahmedabad | Agency: DNA

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