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Drink and drugs charity Addaction Crawley told to improve services

By Hey :-), Jan 18, 2014 | |
  1. Hey :-)
    THE Crawley branch of one of the UK's largest drug and alcohol treatment charities has been told to improve some of its services.

    The Care Quality Commission (CQC) carried out a routine inspection of Addaction Crawley, which is based on Broadfield Barton, on November 7.

    It met the CQC's standards for safeguarding its users from abuse; staffing; and assessing and monitoring the quality of its service.

    But the commission's report, published on January 1, revealed that while the charity helps people overcome drug and alcohol addiction, some of its users were not given clear advice on how they could achieve these goals.

    The CQC inspector said: "One person's care plan had stated that they would not drink alcohol. However, there was no clear action plan about how they would achieve this."

    Another client reported that they were taking an increased amount of illegal drugs on top of a prescription, but their recovery plan was not updated with this information.

    Addaction Crawley was also unable to demonstrate that its users were routinely asked whether they had a driving licence, or that the DVLA were informed if a person was unfit to drive.

    Concern was also raised in relation to the management of medicines.

    Addaction Crawley could not assure the CQC that unused prescriptions could not be lost or "leave the service and be inappropriately used by others to access medicines".

    And appropriate arrangements were not in place for prescribing medicines.

    The CQC inspector could not find a clear summary of people's allergies, medicines prescribed to them by GPs or at hospitals, or their illegal drug and alcohol consumption.

    The inspector said: "Therefore we were concerned that the prescriber did not have access to a summary of the current medication history when prescribing.

    "This lack of clarity could then lead to less than ideal prescribing decisions and unnecessary harm to the person."

    An Addaction spokesman said the report was being taken "extremely seriously".

    He added: "This report contains quotes from a number of people helped by Addaction's service in Crawley.

    "They told the CQC that 'the service is excellent', that staff are 'very helpful and understanding' and that Addaction does 'an excellent job'.

    "However, the report also outlined areas for us to focus on as we go forward, and we are already implementing processes to meet the CQC's recommendations."

    By Luke Warren
    Photograph Ian Jubb
    January 18 2014
    Crawley News


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