Drink and drugs pupils excluded (UK)

By Lunar Loops · Dec 6, 2006 · ·
  1. Lunar Loops
    This from BBC News website (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/nottinghamshire/6204336.stm):

    Drink and drugs pupils excluded

    _42382248_drugs_marajuana203.jpg Fifteen of the pupils excluded were in primary schools

    Hundreds of pupils in the East Midlands have been suspended or expelled from school because of drink or drugs, the BBC has learned.
    Figures obtained using the Freedom of Information Act showed 775 pupils were excluded for drink or drugs in the year 2005/06, with 48 permanent exclusions.
    The punishments were for those caught with or selling drugs or alcohol.
    Paul Conneally, who runs substance misuse training in Leicester, said: "It is a battle that can be won."
    'Huge problem'
    He added: "It is not just about telling youngsters things are bad for them.
    "It's also about letting them have the opportunity to make decisions for themselves."
    The data obtained by the BBC is for the 2005/06 academic year.
    The number of exclusions across the region equates to four for every day of the school year.
    Figures were down on previous years with 814 excluded across the region in 2003/04 and 792 in the 2004/05 year.
    All types of schools were affected, including grammars and those with foundation status.
    Fifteen of the pupils excluded were still at primary school.
    The exclusion rate was highest in Nottinghamshire - one per 450 pupils - and lowest in Leicestershire where there was one for every 2,100 pupils.
    The exclusion rate for Lincolnshire is one per 650 pupils - equivalent to four every school week. Chris Clifford, a drugs and alcohol education worker in schools across Nottinghamshire, said: "Drugs and alcohol is a huge problem for young people at the moment. "A lot of those I work with have difficult backgrounds and have something they need to escape from. There's a problem in every single school, it just doesn't manifest itself in the same way."

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  1. Nagognog2
    What will they think of next? Expulsion of students who have a family history of cancer? Or whom a neighbor complained of for playing loud music?

    Sheer stupidity. Shame on the administration!
  2. geezaman
    SWIM remembers for the last three years of his compulsory schooling turning up mildly stoned on a daily basis, basically the situation was that if SWIM caught one of 3 buses in a 1/2 hour period, the top deck would be guaranteed to stink of bud. What surprised SWIM was those at the back of the bus would close all the windows before lighting up, and it was mainly though not solely students in year 8 (13 and 4yos) who tended to be smoking there, this is not to say older students didn't smoke, just it was a majority of people that age smoking on the bus. this refers to west rather than east midlands though.

    An interesting point is that SWIM encountered many more students getting high/stoned than getting drunk, drunk just didn't happen much in comparison
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