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By Alfa, Jul 11, 2004 | |
  1. Alfa

    Nanticoke: Joseph Gronka, 34, Was Cited With Disorderly Conduct After Music
    Fest Incident.

    NANTICOKE - City police say the man who drove a naked Lisa Drozdowski past
    Music Fest on the back of a motorcycle acted in a disorderly manner.

    Police recently charged the driver, Joseph Gronka, 34, of Bloomsburg, with
    a summary offense of disorderly conduct in connection with the June 12

    Police said Gronka drove Drozdowski up Prospect Street near Patriot Square.
    Police stopped the motorcycle on Orchard Street, where Drozdowski, 39, of
    West Noble Street in Nanticoke, propped her feet up on the male driver,
    further exposing herself, arrest papers said.

    Drozdowski, a Luzerne County employee, showed signs of intoxication and was
    taken into custody after being given her clothes, police said.

    Once in a holding cell, she attempted to flush a pipe believed to be used
    for smoking crack or marijuana down a toilet, police said. Drozdowski also
    kicked an officer twice in the groin, police said.

    She was charged with open lewdness, indecent exposure, public drunkenness,
    aggravated assault, simple assault, possession of drug paraphernalia and
    tampering with evidence.

    Officer Joe Guydosh filed the non-traffic citation, which calls for Gronka
    to pay a $150 fine plus $117 in court costs and another $10 fee.

    The citation was filed at District Justice Donald Whittaker's office. Once
    Gronka receives the citation, he may plead guilty or not guilty.

    If he pleads not guilty, a hearing will be scheduled. Drozdowski's

    preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 22.


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