Driver suspected of hitting pedestrians with car claiming "Caffeine Psychosis"

By chillinwill · Dec 10, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    A University of Idaho employee charged with nearly a half dozen felonies may be trying for a “Twinkie Defense” by claiming too much caffeine caused him to crash his car into two WSU students near the Pullman campus Monday morning.

    In court Wednesday Daniel Noble’s attorney Mark Moorer blamed a caffeine-fueled mental breakdown for the incident that sent 23-year-old WSU student Hougun Hahm and 19-year-old WSU student Neal Waldbjorn to the hospital for injuries sustained when Noble hit both of them with his car in two separate incidents.

    Noble then jumped out of his car and police had to Taze him in order to subdue him and take him into custody.

    “Law enforcement had to eventually taze him to get him in control, in custody and into a patrol car,” Sergeant Brad Hudson with the Washington State Patrol added.

    Noble made his first appearance on five felony counts in a Whitman County courtroom in Colfax Wednesday and his appearance was anything but normal.

    During his appearance he mumbled to two jail guards about his heart rate and his blood, banged on his desk, disrupted the court and wouldn’t sit down until his wife and his attorney convinced him to take a seat.

    Once he sat down though the disruptions continued, asking his attorney if he would sing with him.

    “Do you wanna do a duet? Ever done a duet,” Noble asked Moorer.

    Police say the behavior Noble exhibited in court Wednesday is similar to how he acted when he was taken into custody Monday. Moorer says that his behavior might be “indicative of delirium” or it could be just too much caffeine.

    “There actually is a diagnosis for caffeine induced psychosis,” Moorer said.

    Everything is speculation as to what might be wrong with Noble at this point. Unfortunately he was supposed to have had a mental evaluation done before Wednesday’s court appearance, but due to a miscommunication that didn’t happen.

    Because he has not had a mental evaluation yet his court appearance has been re-scheduled for this coming Friday.

    McKay Allen
    December 9, 2009

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  1. EscapeDummy
    Let him rot somewhere for 20 years, I don't care where. Sounds like a horrible person to me, I don't really care about mitigating circumstances here. Hitting two college students, in two separate incidents?
  2. junkfuck
    Swim thinks this man's behavior had very little to do with 'overconsumption of caffeine and subsequent psychosis...' Swim is prescribed vyvanse for ADHD, and occasionally experiences borderline psychosis (seeing tracers, dysphoria, feelings as if he has things going on within his body that probably aren't *but not bugs*, a complete inability to concentrate, restlessness, anxiety, occasional loss of depth perception, significantly impaired reaction time and coordination, and a very foggy brain) especially after taking 60 or greater milligrams and remaining awake for extended periods at night.

    Swim finds this man's defense to be quite a load of crap, considering swim's comedown delirium would COMPLETELY deter him from driving or operating machinery... Swim is currently experiencing his vyvanse comedown delirium, and finds it hard enough to type what he is typing, and hard enough to even concentrate on what word he is going to type next... Swim couldn't even fathom driving or operating machinery at this point, psychosis to this man's claimed extreme would make swim incapable of pulling out of the driveway, let alone drive a car. Shit, swim is too focused on touching every part of his body that tingles or spasms to even consider finding his car keys.

    On top of this, swim also notes that caffeine does not behave toward dopamine like amphetamines do. Dopamine is one currently accepted theory about amphetamine psychosis (a form of temporary schizophrenia), caffeine modulates epinephrine and norepinephrine, which as far as swim is aware of, are two chemicals not labeled as possible causes of psychosis when in imbalance.
    Also swim notes that caffeine, like other stimulants, causes an increased desire for sleep during the comedown as well as when it has completely worn off. Assuming if this man was taken in on Monday night, the caffeine would have worn off well enough by early to mid Tuesday causing him to want to sleep (which he probably would have done especially if he had been awake for several days). If he fell asleep, the amount of sleep he would have received would have, beyond swims doubt, brought him out of his psychotic episode for court on Wednesday. Also, caffeine in doses significantly high enough to cause psychotic episodes by itself usually results in hospitalizations, if not death.

    So obviously this man has many holes in his story, and is probably just faking for the sake of getting his charges dropped. There was probably a much greater, probably more serious, and probably illegal reason for this horrible incident.
  3. Rin_Weh
    You mean that's what's been wrong with SWIM the whole time!!?!
    She constantly drinks coffee first thing on waking, last drink before sleeping, sometimes a middle of sleep time coffee.

    Maybe he was looking for TP for his bunghole.

    ...if no one rememebers that, it probably just sounds strange.

    SWIM lived above a local bar once, back when she was 18.
    She would watch out her window sometimes, y'know, like a homo sapien zoo, observation....
    She can't recall if it was the same night or not but there was rumours later of some gang being in town and outside the bar, across the street these guys has baseball bats 'n shit and were doing God knows what. You'd think they'd have guns could have been a rumour that they were some out of town gang.
    Another time there were hoards of people across the street from the bar and some guy drove his car into the crowd of people. Luckily they dispersed and SWIM never saw anyone get hit but, he did it nonetheless, probably drinking and driving but he deliberately tried to hit them which most people would not do, so SWIM would say it had more to do with the person than the alcohol.
  4. noAverageJoe
    Caffeine induced psychosis.

    What's next?
    Maybe soberness induced psychosis?

    'cause ya know, we all need a little break from reality once in a while,
    and when we don't get it for too long, well. That's when "this" happens?

    Omg :(
    This can surely not go any further then this?

    People always like to put the blame on something else; rather then put the blame on themselves and man (or woman) up about it. Even though it is VERY obvious they, and only they are the ones to blame.

    If one takes substance X, it is not substance X that can be held responsible for what's to come.

    All these "whatever induced psychosis" makes room for huge exploiting possibilities of the law. It makes for clean getaways / escape routes while one is dealing with murderers.


    If a murderer would take some of substance X, then kills of a person which they planned on killing, then they can quite obviously blame the substance.
    Substance X induced psychosis.
    As long as this is an accepted disorder in court, and the substance X is in the blood, well...need swim say more?

    And off they go...probably with a life time presciption of "nice drug-name here" for free!
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