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Drug agency in Valencia warn of new way addicts are delivering LSD into the body.

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Drug agency in Valencia warn of new way addicts are delivering LSD into the body.
    Users of this new form of drug use, are aged above 25 years and are usually clubbers, and are consumers of other drugs and seek new "experiences".

    Drug agency in Valencia warn of new way addicts are delivering LSD into the body.

    The Foundation for the Study, Prevention and Assistance to Drug Addiction (Fepade) de la Generalitat Valenciana yesterday warned of the emergence of a new form of drug abuse through the eyes, a small drop is absorbed through the eye which causes hallucinogenic effects in 15 or 20 minutes. This was confirmed to Efe by Julia Aguilar, Fepade-technical agency of the Generalitat Valenciana, who has indicated that the new consumption pattern has been detected in two known night clubs of the province of Valencia, but there is no evidence that the technique is being conducted in other parts of Spain, for now.

    According to Aguilar, they begin to consume by conjunctival route in order to enhance its effects. Users of this new form of drug use, are aged above 25 years and are usually clubbers, and are consumers of other drugs and seek new "experiences". Aguilar noted that although in recent years the use of LSD has dropped in the past year there has been an upturn, perhaps due to the easy way psychedelic effects are achieved. She also indicated that the economic crisis might be behind the intake of the narcotic substance as the drug is very cheap. Aguilar warned of the risk attached to this form of drug, both physically, possible eye damage, and the effects it can have on the central nervous system. "LSD is a substance that carries a risk because it is a hallucinogen and changes the perception in the person consuming it, one loses control over oneself" said Julia Aguilar. Besides using the eye, oral consumption of LSD takes 40 minutes for it to effect users.

    Regarding the consumption of various substances, there is a new mix, that some people call Calvin Klein, where they mix cocaine and ketamine, which combined offsets certain side effects.

    Thursday, 31 December 2009 05:26:12



  1. EyesOfTheWorld
    Goddamned "LSD addicts":laugh:.
    Really hate seeing terms like "junkie", "addict" etc thrown around by the press in regards to use/users of nonaddictive drugs.
    Although ocular use is monumentally retarded.
  2. Mr. Mojo Risin
    And misinformation strikes again! You'd think we were past the whole narcotics associated with lsd phase. You wouldve thought we'd learned the difference especially regarding all those "LSD junkies" stealing your money to get their psychedelic fix. Or then again if you had all that much sense you probably wouldve realized we arent.
  3. mickey_bee
    What a crap article!
    Lsd addicts........destroying the heart of our communities. :crazy

    And there's nothing new about this ROA. Especially with liquid acid. Swim remembers people puttin tabs of acid under their eyelids years ago!
  4. Lehendakari
    I've lived in Valencia several years of my life and I can't tell you the calvin klein thing is not new, and normally it's bad speed and not cocaine what it is used in the mix.

    Valencia and its surroundings are regarded in Spain as the hot spot of drug use since the 80's when ecstasy use was common among the pillheads and "la ruta del bakalao" thing when in the rest of Spain even Ibiza the drug wasn't very popular so stories like this are always around in the Valencia media.

    As for LSD eye dropping method is again a very old story, as old as the LSD MJ myth, but I can't assuro nor deny its veracity.
  5. Niteflights
    Eyedropping is the most efficient route of LSD to the brain as it travels directly up the optical nerve to the brain where the fun happens. Orally most is distributed outside the CNS. This is an excellent route assuming purity is known and eyedrops are sterile. Faster come up stronger potency vs oral. Don't try this with RCs unless you want to go blind.
  6. Greenport
    SwiM is quite peeved at the title of the article, although the article itself is alright for the most part.

    That being said, swiM doesn't think he would like the idea of dropping LSD into the eye. Would rather just take it orally ..no reason to risk eyesight, it's so important.
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