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Drug agents arrest 5 in Thursday night spice sting at Little Super and Cheepo Deepo

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Lt. Curtis Spiers, commander of the task force, said today that herbal incenses products, steal wool pads, pipes that can be used to smoke crack cocaine, an undetermined amount of cash and loose tobacco rolling wrappers were seized from the Little Super on Frederick Street in Kreole following numerous complaints from residents about illicit activities.

    Edward Lee, 18, and William Lee, 44, were arrested and each charged with possession, sale and intent to distribute an illegal substance and possession of paraphernalia, Spiers said. Both men are from Gautier.

    After hitting the Little Super, Spiers said that drug agents raided the Cheepo-Deepo on Old Saracennia.

    Incense products and paraphernalia were also seized, but Spiers said a new drug-like product has hit the shelves in south Mississippi.

    "We seized salts," Spiers said. "They're having a problem with this up North, but it's just making its way to the coast."

    Spiers said the salts are marketed as bath slats that are sold in a 1-gram bag. The packages state "not for human consumption" and "not for persons under 18," just as incense products did before they were banned by a state law October.

    "Now, why would someone who wanted to use that as bath salts buy only a gram or an ounce of it unless it wasn't meant for a bath?" Spiers asked. Unlike most bath salts, these have no scent.

    Thanh Quang Le, 32, of Ocean Springs, was arrested and charged with possession of possession of paraphernalia, Spiers said. Alvin, Hoang Nguyen, 25, of Moss Point and Cheryl Ann Marie Dueitt, 37, of Moss Point, were each arrested and charged with possession of paraphernalia and conspiracy to sell a controlled substance.

    The Mississippi Press will update this report in Saturday's edition.

    Published: Friday, November 19, 2010, 3:39 PM
    Cherie Ward - The Mississippi Press



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