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*Drug Alert Australia* Police warn public over bad 'acid' tabs

By Docta, Mar 12, 2013 | | |
  1. Docta

    Police are warning the public about a bad batch of the drug ‘acid’ (LSD) which appears to be circulating on the north coast of NSW.

    On Saturday (9 March 2013), a 15-year-old girl was hospitalised at a birthday party in Boambee East after taking an illicit drug she believed to be ‘acid’, and having a bad reaction.

    The girl was taken to Coffs Harbour Health Campus in a critical condition and put on life support. Police were not notified about the incident.

    About 11pm the same night, police were called to another party in Toormina in relation to a violent 15-year-old boy who was suffering hallucinations after also consuming an ‘acid’ tab.

    Police from Coffs/Clarence Local Area Command became aware that it is likely more of the drug is circulating in the Toormina and Boambee area. An investigation was commenced.

    Today (Monday 11 March 2013), an 18-year-old male was interviewed by detectives at a residence in Toormina.

    As a result he was subsequently charged via Future Service Can for the offence of supply prohibited drug.

    He is expected to appear at Coffs Harbour Local Court on 29 April 2013.

    Meanwhile, Detective Inspector Cameron Lindsay, Crime Manager at Coffs/Clarence Local Area Command, has urged caution to anyone thinking of consuming illicit drugs in the region.

    “Taking any drug carries with it an unacceptable risk, but we would ask extra precaution to be taken in the area following these incidents.”

    “There is clearly more of this drug circulating in the community and anyone who consumes it carries with them the risk of permanent brain damage or death.”

    “These particular tabs are identifiable due to an imprint on the paper of recording artist Psy doing the ‘gangnam style’ dance,” Detective Inspector Lindsay said.

    Monday, 11 March 2013

    NSW Police Media


    OP's Note:"LSD", "Acid" and "Trip" are referenced in this press release as a generic term to effectively describe a paper blotter with "Psy" Gangnam style art work.
    These trips are being sold as LSD but there exact content is unknown.


  1. ianzombie
    I love how the New South Wales logo at the top of the report looks like blotters :)

    Possibly more cases of research chemicals being laid on blotters.

    It seems to me that 'Acid' is becoming the new umbrella term for anything on blotter, much like 'Ecstasy' became the umbrella term for anything in a pill.

    I think its about time that newspapers and the media in general started to hire drug experts to help them write their storys.
  2. Willyzh
    ^my first thoughts exactly... then shortly after "DO NOT TAKE THE GOVERNMENT POLICE FORCE BLOTTER"

    It's sad that no one has obtained a sample of this "bad acid" all with the same artwork so that we can know the purported drug and the doses that were lethal.

    What else is sad is that kids are laying their own sheets at home because everything is so easy to obtain now. I've even heard rumors of kids using hairspray as complexer.

    If I had to guess I'd say someone accidentally laid some 2cbfly-nBOMe too heavily but guessing about this kind of thing isn't as fun as other kinds of guessing games. It could be anything I suppose, considering it is easier to buy RC's than it is to do math.
  3. MikePatton
    Just the fact that they have a blotter with Psy dancing Gangam style is fucking hillarious!
    But really how hard is it for the police to get one of those tabs and take it to the lab?
  4. Docta
    How hard? well really hard. All evidence is covered by by a system called the chain of custody, that is after it is checked into evidence. The police cant just grab it and test, it has to go along the system and this takes time. In this case the substance involved is irrelevant because what matters is that the police got out an emergency action message in quick time. Its all about the public warning not the drug, as long as all the blotters get burned instead of eaten the police have done a good job.
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