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Drug bust in Saanich nets ecstasy pills, pot and coke

By buseman, Jul 8, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    Saanich police showed off a cache of drugs seized Friday in what they are calling a very successful joint operation with Victoria police.

    The stock of more than 5,000 ecstasy pills, about 1.8 kilograms of marijuana and 142 grams of cocaine, was displayed on a pair of tables at Saanich police headquarters yesterday morning, alongside an inoperable shotgun, a money-counting machine and other seized items.

    The haul came from a raid on a home in the 4500-block of Chatterton Way on Friday evening.

    The ecstasy pills alone could have fetched at least $50,000 on the street, Saanich police spokesman Sgt. Dean Jantzen said.

    Shortly before the raid, a 21-year-old male resident of the home was arrested on foot nearby.

    The man, whom police are not identifying, has been released pending an Aug. 13 court appearance.

    Jantzen described him as a significant mid-level trafficker.

    Despite having no criminal record, the man has been the subject of tips from the public dating back as far as 2007.

    The man shared the house with relatives, but police aren't specifying their relationship. Jantzen said it's unclear how much the relatives knew about the man's activities.

    By Ian Shelton
    July 7, 2010


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