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Drug Bust on I-79 Yields Quarter Million in Heroin

By SmokeTwibz, Nov 4, 2012 | |
  1. SmokeTwibz

    November 3 , 2012- What is being described as a routine traffic stop by State Police Friday night turned up 175 bricks of heroin with an estimated street value of a quarter million dollars.

    The bust happened on the Bargain Road overpass on Interstate 79 at 9:40 Friday morning.

    According to a release from Pennsylvania State Police, Trooper Gary Knott saw a 2012 Nissan bearing New Jersey plates make two violations of the vehicle code.

    Knott stopped the Nissan, and through questioning the driver, and investigating the car, found the heroin, along with $7000 in cash.

    Knott arrested the driver, 43 year old Zavia L. Johnson of Newark, New Jersey and charged him with two felony counts involving possession of the heroin bricks and the intent to deliver them.

    Johnson was also hit with the two traffic violations that Trooper Knott says prompted the stop.

    Zavia Johnson was arraigned before Judge Scott Hammer, and placed in the Erie County Prison,unable to post $250,000 cash bond.

    Johnson has a preliminary hearing scheduled for November 9 before Judge Denise Stuck Lewis.

    November 3, 2012

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