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Drug bust takes down 4 supply chains, Peel police say

By Euphoric · Oct 3, 2008 · Updated Oct 11, 2008 ·
  1. Euphoric
    Peel Regional Police said Friday the department's eight-month investigation, that got than more than $4 million worth of potentially deadly party drugs off the street, took down four seperate drug supply chains operating within the Chinese and Vietnamese communities in the GTA.

    Officers showed off hundreds of thousands of multi-coloured pills at police headquarters in Brampton Friday — ecstasy and ketamine, or "Special K," they netted in the eight-month sting operation.

    Insp. Lee Weare said the pills were likely headed for nightclubs across the Greater Toronto Area.

    "This is a large quantity of tablets. I'm not going to speculate if it was going to be sold in the city of Toronto specifically, or the city of Brampton or the city of Mississauga," he said Friday. "The drugs are transient, the traffickers are street-level traffickers, they sell it everywhere, I can't say this was destined for Queen St. in Brampton versus Queen Street in Toronto.

    Ten people from Toronto have been arrested since July.

    Peel Regional Police headed the investigation, dubbed "Vanquish," into the trafficking of large volumes of ketamine, cocaine and ecstasy.

    Police said the investigation began at street level and progressed all the way up to the alleged suppliers.

    Morality investigators worked within the Region of Peel and surrounding jurisdictions, including the Toronto and seized 205,000 ecstasy tablets, five kilograms of cocaine and seven kilograms of ketamine over the course of the investigation. Investigators also seized $12,000 in Canadian currency.



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