Drug Cartel Impostors Use Border Threat to Scam

By chillinwill · Oct 10, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    The FBI warns San Diegans of a bogus threat. Scammers pretend to be part of a drug cartel -- but they are not. They are con artists using the brutal drug war south of San Diego as a scare tactic.

    FBI agents say the drug cartel impostors claim they'll murder or kidnap family members if they aren't paid. It's a devious plot which has worked on some families here in the Southbay.

    San Ysidro businessman Christian Cruz has not only heard about these impostor drug cartel calls. His family has received them.

    Cruz told San Diego 6, "The (impostor) starts telling them he knows where they live, and unless they deposit money into an account they are going to kidnap her children."

    Such a call was made to Cruz's aunt who was told that a relative had already been kidnapped.

    "The person on the phone told them they already had them. They had them in the house or else they were going to kill her," Cruz said.

    Luckily it was all a lie. The FBI knows about these threats and wants the public to know they come via e-mail and over the phone.

    FBI spokesperson Darrel Foxworth said, "If you receive a threat like this -- and certainly if you know you don't have anything in your background which would make someone want to kill you -- then you should report that to FBI."

    In some instances, families have wired thousands of dollars to these thieves.

    Foxworth said, "We don't want people to over react to this and send money to people that they don't know."

    Antonio Castelan
    October 8, 2009
    San Diego 6

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  1. gmeziscool2354
    that is quite fucked up, but i'm not going to lie its pretty damn smart. i know if someone called me and said they were a mexican drug cartel adn they were gonna shoot me/my family id be like, oh shit, and pay them with out thinking twice. but still, this is very fucked up
  2. 510toMexico
    this has been going on in my city out here in Mexico there is also con men collecting protection money posing as the cartel ,but they were caught and killed by real cartel members I guess it was poetic justice
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