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Drug company responds to allegations it destroyed cancer medicines

By Docta, Apr 15, 2017 | |
  1. Docta
    bid pharma.png One of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies has responded to a newspaper report in Britain, alleging staff discussed destroying cancer medicines to drive up prices. In a statement this evening, Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited said it has clearly demonstrated its commitment to providing quality medicines affordably over many years.

    It said it looked forward to demonstrating the integrity and legality of its practices. Aspen said the supply of the oncology products in question is no exception. The company said the content of the reports published in The Times newspaper concern matters that are sub-judice and so it would not comment on the public allegations. The newspaper has alleged that some staff at Aspen discussed destroying supplies of life-saving cancer medicines in a battle to impose massive price rises across Europe.

    The article claimed that company staff discussed dumping life-saving stock unless a 4,000% price rise was agreed. It allegedly occurred during a dispute in 2014 with the Spanish health service. The newspaper report claimed the company began a continent-wide effort to drive up the price of five cancer medicines after buying the rights from the British company, GlaxoSmithKline.

    "Out of respect for the integrity of ongoing legal processes with regulators as well as the court, in Italy and Spain, Aspen will not comment on these public allegations", the company said.

    "Instead, Aspen looks forward to the opportunity to demonstrate the integrity and legality of its practices in the context of these legal processes."

    The multinational company is based in South Africa.

    It also has operations in Dublin.

    Original Source

    Apr 14, 2017, RTE


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