Drug Czar's Office Opposes Letting Heroin Users Have Easy Access to Overdose Antidote

By Thirdedge · Aug 5, 2006 · ·
  1. Thirdedge

    When heroin users around Philadelphia started overdosing on junk laced with fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opiate, a local harm reduction group began working with a sympathetic physician to provide addicts prescriptions to naloxone (brand name Narcan). The Office of National Drug Control Policy thinks that's a bad idea.

    In many cities, paramedics carry Narcan with them, but by the time they arrive on the scene, it can be too late, explained Casey Cook, executive director of Prevention Point Philadelphia, the group that runs the city's needle exchange program. "If people have to rely on paramedics, more often than not, the overdose is going to be fatal, just because of the amount of time for people to get there," she told the Associated Press in an interview last Friday.

    But the drug czar's office is worried that providing addicts with the means to survive an overdose would prove "disinhibiting," much the same way social conservatives argue that providing teenagers with condoms to prevent pregnancy and disease "disinhibits" them from remaining abstinent. ONDCP doesn't want to appear to condone drug use. "We don't want to send the message out that there is a safe way to use heroin," said Jennifer DeVallance, an ONDCP spokesperson told the AP.

    There were some 16,000 drug-related deaths reported in 2002, the vast majority of them involving either heroin or prescription opiates, and at least 400 people have died in the wave of fentanyl-related heroin ODs in the past few months. Better they should die than people think heroin is safe, huh?

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  1. Bajeda
    Its truly amazing how much ignorance there is in the government agencies that deal with drugs.

    Do they actually know anything about what they are controlling? Or do they just do whatever their personal morals and/or religious beliefs tell them.

    Christ, don't they have scientists or actual semi-educated people at least to help make reasonable decisions?

    Sorry, but things like this just really irritate me. How in the fuck is giving people an antidote to ODing going to make more people use drugs. Its more likely to scare people off from using the drug if they see that regular users are buying anti-OD drugs so they don't die from and OD.

    I think the drug czar just wants more heroin users to die so they can use the statistic as part of the war on drugs.
  2. Forthesevenlakes
    ^^well stated as always, bajeda.

    if it werent for people like this, thered be alot more heroin users still alive, including swim's best friend who passed away from a batch of fentanyl passed off as heroin. the logic of most people would probably be, "if they didnt use heroin, they'd still be alive too." but the simple fact is, people DO shoot heroin, and users arent going to stop using just because they realize they dont have any naloxone and thus, heroin could be potentially dangerous. any heroin user knows of the dangers going into it.

    i'd be interested in seeing regular or formerly-regular users weigh in on this. right now i'm too angry to type any more about this.
  3. Nagognog2
    Sounds rather like the position of the Reagan administration regards AIDS. The party line was that it was a "gay-disease" and was "God's will" that the gays should get sick and die.

    It was not until the scientists and doctors pointed out that AIDS was killing heterosexuals for the most part - even though this was happening in Africa - that the government got up off it's knees and began to release money to fund research and treatment.

    At a World Health Organization conference on AIDS held in Geneva at the UN there, the Reagan-appointed delegation approached the people from Zaire. They told the Zaire group that they already knew what caused AIDS. "It's because you people have sex with monkeys. You do have sex with monkeys. right?" That was, of course, the end of any dialogue between the two groups.
  4. Forthesevenlakes
    Its quite honestly scary that a government is using logic like this. Its no different than the when 700 Club (a religious right-wing talk show in the US) reports on news. They'll show coverage of a hurricane hitting an American city, and then inform the viewer that it was caused by god trying to tell the US that he doesnt want state legislatures to sanction gay marriages.

    its disgusting that the insanity of policymakers is not just shocking, but dangerous to so many people as well.
  5. Bajeda
    Which is why I hated all the mushy happy-feeling news crap that was going on after Reagan's death. Suddenly everyone thought he was just the greatest leader. Yeah right. I'll admit he was an excellent actor (I mean, how many scandals did he manage to dodge while in office?) but what a shitty president.

    Of course, this pattern always seems to repeat itself. When its a black or gay problem there is no problem. When it becomes a white heterosexual man's problem drugs start becoming illegal and the country begings rallying against drugs. [​IMG]
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