Drug dealer charged with manslaughter; customer OD'd

By OiledMandible · May 16, 2008 · ·
  1. OiledMandible
    Winnipeg Sun
    Dangerous precedent...whats next, charging KFC for making people fat and the health risks associated? Charging auto companies when someone dies in a crash? Come on...

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  1. Hyperspaceblastoff
    ya i hear bout these articles a lot now
    the analogy is y dont u charge a bartender for a fatal alcohol poisoning
  2. OiledMandible
    Yes these do seem to be popping up quite often in CA. I don't recall any of these cases taking place in the USA however.
  3. Panthers007
    Oh they sure do happen in the USA. A local case (I don't have a link - it was over a year ago) convicted a seller for heroin sales that led to a death. He got 39 years. And this was pursued through the federal system. So it's a US policy.
  4. ihavequestions
    "Henry's father told the Winnipeg Sun today his daughter was not a drug addict and doesn't believe she would ingest any illegal drugs.

    "She was an angel. Wendy wouldn't ever take any pills or anything. She wouldn't take any Aspirin for a headache," Henry's father said."

    the part i just quoted had me laughing. obviousely the dad didnt know his daughter very well at all. i bet daddy's little girl was no virgin either.

    its sad that the dealer is being charged, unless she was an unexperienced user and her dealer lied about the dose. even then though she could have done some research just to be sure.
  5. aerozeppelin123
    I don't really see anything funny about this story. There's nothing to laugh at about a girl dying from a drug overdose. Although what does annoy me is comparing this case to the alcohol and tobacco companies, whose products kill millions of people worldwide every year, but that's just fine isn't it, no jail for people selling those.
  6. OiledMandible
    Thanks for clarifying that. It'll be interesting to see in the future if there truly will be an increase in these sort of cases and what effects this policy will have on the war on drugs, and to what magnitude.
  8. MachinaDeus
    Actually swim believes somebody tried to do that with Mcdonalds. As far as swim is aware the case never made it though. The USA of today is just filled with frivolous lawsuits it seems. What ever happened to personal responsibility?
  9. purplehaze
    The case did make and and a documentary was done on it called "super size me" mcdonalds was forced to put hot labeled on there coffee after a woman spilled it on herself and it burnt her aswell as mcdonalds no longer sells super size shit. There frys have been redone so they wont be as fattening too.

    This is unethical IMO, research could have been done she was a consenting adult, aswell as the drug pharmacys give the pills out in bulk, why aren't they charged with there ODs?

    The guy shouldnt have been selling drugs i agree, but theres no need to nail someone to the cross, she killed herself, it was suicide when she decided to drop them, just as it is when meth cooks make a lab in the basement without prior research and saftey precautions, they commited suicide.
  10. entheogensmurf

    Sorry, but a 20 year old overdosing is funny IF the drug potency was within normal range. Oddly enough, then it is easily researched to avoid......... overdosing. It is natural selection in the works and a benefit without a doubt.
    In other words, if through illegal or legal means a drug is concentrated beyond normal ranges, the user is not informed, THEN I would not find it funny and the seller should be punished.
  11. ihavequestions
    EXACTLY. darwin wins.
  12. stinky_plant
    and yet you'll never see govt. agencies prosecuted for taking away marijuana from medical marijuana patients and them dying as a result, or that guy that was denied a transplant because he smoked.
  13. aerozeppelin123
    What? Are you saying that it's a good thing that this girl died because it naturally selects people that are more careful with the doses of drugs they take? In other words that she deserved to die simply for not being careful enough with the dose or trusting her supplier? Either way I don't see how it's anything other than tragic, even if it was partly her fault for not being cautious enough. I'm sure you wouldn't find it 'funny' if it was your daughter.
  14. ihavequestions
    im gonna have to agree with him though. i mean if her dealer misinformed her than yes its a sad thing and NOT her fault. howeever if she didnt educate herself it was her fault. she realy didnt "deserve" to die. it was her idiocy that killed her. she brought it on herself. and people like her bring a bad name to responsible users that know what they are doing and are being safe. i mean the less of people like her the better. i mean she could have looked at the doses, what the medication was, looked on the internet for safe dosages, called a pharmacist, etc. and she could have prevented this. not only does her stupidity kill her, but it puts a person behind bars for a dumb and easily prevented mistake. i think thats what he meant by natural selection. weeding out the stupid. and i agree with that.
  15. aerozeppelin123
    Sorry but that's ridiculous. Are you saying that we should give everyone an IQ test then everyone who is below the 'stupid' level is killed. That would be the best way of 'weeding out the stupid'. I've heard people say things like this several times before and I think that as soon as it came to them or one of their family or friends in this situation they would suddenly change their tune and go back on their words.
  16. OiledMandible
    Perhaps it was natural selection, perhaps she was simply unlucky. To say she deserved to die is fucked up. You may be right and she may have been a fool, but making light of the death of a young woman with her whole life ahead of her is in very bad taste.
  17. ihavequestions
    i never said they deserve to die. i even stated that in my response. nor do i think we should kill people who are below an ideal IQ level, thats twisting my words into an extreme. i just meant that when a stupid person DOES end up in a bad way because of there own stupidity i wont be shedding a tear and its not going to make me sad. because if you look at the situation this girls brought it on herself. its like if i were to a hammer on my foot and then complain about how bad it hurts, i mean would you feel bad for me then? and as for people close to me, a family member of mine is very sick and in a wheel chair because they had a long life of not taking care of themselves and not taking a break when they should have after working too hard and not thinking things through. sur the situation sucks. but that family member of mine DID bring it on themselves. im not saying she deserves it. im just saying that it was brought upon herself from dumb decisions. i may come off as arrogent, and with an elitist type of mentality. but stupidity bugs me. i mean it is the reason for the war on drugs.
  18. aerozeppelin123
    Alright I can see more clearly what you mean now, still I would say just because something bad happens to someone because of a poor decision they've made, it doesn't mean it's not sad. Whoever's fault it was, this girl's death brings sadness to a lot of people and is a waste of a young life.
  19. cigol
    Life Goes On. There is no such thing as a waste of "life." It just happened. Accept and Move On.
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