Drug dealer gets 15 years in death of teen who wandered onto freeway on mushrooms

By chillinwill · Aug 3, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    A Westlake Village drug dealer who admitted to selling hallucinogenic mushrooms to a 17-year-old who was killed when she wandered nude onto the Ventura Freeway and struck by a vehicle was sentenced today to 15 years in prison.

    U.S. District Court Judge Percy Anderson also sentenced Steven Thomas Roman, 31, to six years of supervised release following his prison term, said Thom Mrozek, a spokesman with the U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles.

    Roman pleaded guilty in April to three felony charges, including felony distribution of illegal drugs that resulted in death. He admitted to involvement in a 2004 drug transaction in Thousand Oaks in which a teen bought a quarter-pound of hallucinogenic psilocybin mushrooms.

    Victoria “Tia” Nugent, 17, ate the mushrooms with four friends and suffered an adverse reaction, which included shedding her clothing and walking onto the Ventura Freeway.

    A musician who was heading home from a gig in Santa Barbara hit Nugent. The musician was cleared of any wrongdoing.

    Roman was arrested last fall by Ventura County authorities. He also pleaded guilty to two counts of distributing ecstasy.

    Nicole Santa Cruz
    August 3, 2009
    LA Times Blog

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  1. buzzman
    Her four friends did nothing?
  2. missparkles
    Good job she didn't have the same bad reaction after taking OTC pain meds.
    Or we might have seen the CEO of SmithKline Beecham serving fifteen years. No...
    Perhaps not. ;)
  3. Nature Boy
    A quarter pound is roughly 113g so if four people split that between them, that's 28.25g each! Although it's unlikely they ate that high a dose if they were dried, if the shrooms were fresh it could be considered a strong dose but not a dangerous one or anything. Either way, I really can't see how you can send a dealer to prison for that long over something like this. I guess it's another desperate attempt to try and scare the life out of potential dealers by continuing hardline sentencing in the seemingly neverending war on drugs.
  4. SullyGuy
    Sure as hell would work on SWIM's monkey... 15 years is a long time to risk for some dumbass kids stupidity.
  5. chinpokomaster
    I'm glad I don't take drugs which cause road deaths. I'll stick with alcohol, thanks.
  6. bubbly nubs
    What the fuck? 15 years?!?!?! That is so unjust. What is this so called adverse reaction anyway, freaking out?
  7. SullyGuy
    Well, she stripped naked and ran into a freeway. My monkey is assuming "freak out" is an understatement.

    Monkey would very much like to know how much she took... and why her four slack-jawed compadres did absolutely nothing to stop her. :thumbsdown:
  8. LostCelestial
    That's shocking. And surely a horrific mangling of the law.

    You'd have thought that the statue of distributing drugs leading to a death would lay down fairly explicitly adulterants, and maybe overdoses. I think its reasonable to hold a dealer responsible for a death if he's been getting someone to unknowingly shoot rat poison, but not if some one has a bad trip. I mean, even if you don't know exactly what something will do to you when you buy it, its not like the dealer held a gun to someone's head. They bought the drugs, and everything that happens thereafter is there own damn fault tbh.

    It's tragic when this kind of thing happens, but over in England, I don't even think we'd have bothered trying to find the dealer unless we thought he was trying to kill her. Sometimes 'death by misadventure' mean literally that. Something went wrong with tragic consequences, no-one is really to blame. Although did her friends seriously not stop her? I'm never one to complain about casual nudity, sometimes evening just end up like that, but I think going to play with the traffic is a good place to draw the line between outrageous and retarded.
  9. Alfa
    Well that depends on the situation. This seems to be a major freakout indeed and I find it hard to imagine that a normal dose is involved.
    How many dealers have a clue what kind of shrooms they are selling??
    It makes a hell of difference between dried panaeolus cyanescens and fresh cubensis.

    Reading the posts on drugs-forum, I have frequently wondered why things go bad so sporadically, while most mushroom users do not have the faintest idea how much weight of which mushroom they are consuming.

    If its and even split. Some may have taken a small amount of this, while she may or may not have eaten most of it.

    She would not be the first person eating large amounts of dried psilocybe mushrooms, due to misinformation. The dose of fresh mushrooms is 12 times higher, then the dose of dried psilocybe mushrooms.
  10. Rightnow289
    Delicious irony :p
  11. sweettea
    So help me understand.

    The fungi seller get's 15-years for selling a product which is then used irresponsibly, resulting in the death of the buyer only, yes?

    But when a nutter go on a shooting & killing spree wounding/killing other people the person that provided the firearms to the nutter gets what? A free membership with the NRA?

    It's very confusing.
  12. robertone
    Everything in matter to drugs is confusing. They simply want drugs to have a bad reputation. Actually they need a [made] pubic enemy to have an excuse to maintain such a huge 'law and order' system. But to be short; since every-one is equal to the law (at least that's what they say), a store-owner that sells a bottle of gin to a [minor]-girl that then under influence of the alcohol run naked on the free-way and gets killed, should also be convicted to such a hars punnishment. Since this is not likely, the conviction of this drug dealer can be seen as an demoniation (witch hunt or whatever) of illigal declared drugs.
  13. cra$h
    It's ashame that the other "friends" didn't run into the road either. These kids obviously should stay away from trippin. Guaranteed that they were in it just for a bordom cure, and to laugh their asses off at the purple elephants (still yet to be seen by swim). But hows the dealer supposed to know this? Do the kids need tye-dyes and flowers in their hair? Even then they could be phonies. If the law followed this kind of logic for everyone else who's been in the same situation, we'd have no economy. You don't see robotussin taking responsibility for negitive trips.
  14. cannabis-sam
    Ultimately you could say that this death is in part to the unregulated system in which most recreational drugs are sold. For instance if the mushrooms had been sold in shops they probably would have had a much harder job getting hold them as she was under 18, secondly if it had been bought in a regulated outlet rather than a dealer, the doses would have been known. They would have recieved advice on dosage and the right time and place to trip and would of course be warned not to trip without a responsible sober sitter present. The type of mushroom and strength would also have been known. Alas they leave our young people to buy drugs without these safeguards.

    My heart sank when I read this article as it's absolutely disgusting that someone can be sent down for so long for something that not only should not be a crime but also for someone else's extreme stupidity. The girl obviously did not follow the most basic rules of tripping, she was obviously inexperienced and when powerful drugs are put in the hands of wreckless users unfortunate events such as this are bound to happen.

    But seeing as one or two deaths are still reported by the media you can be assured that it's not a common occurance, because common forms of death are too common to make it into the papers, there's never any articles focusing on individual deaths from alcohol or car crashes.

    If these mushrooms where indeed dried cubensis then that would have been a fairly hefty dose, but as the article doesn't mention these very relevant details we really can't speculate.
  15. Alfa
    Reputation discussion removed. Please keep on topic. Reputation should be reported when in doubt.
  16. bananaskin
    My heart goes out to the driver who knocked her down, probably for that first hour he was in hell.

    What really annoys me is that the press once more fail to inform of all the facts.
    What state were her friends in?
    WHY did they not help?
    Strangely, not one of them has a quote in this story (not surprising though)
    What, if any, other substances were found in their bodies?
    And since when was stripping off and being knocked down, an adverse reaction, and not in fact,a horrific end to a terribly bad trip? :mad:

    Stories like this, as well as being wanton sensationalism, much more importantly are downright dangerous.
  17. Frond
    When someone goes mountain climbing and falls off, nobody blames the mountain. But when someone takes a drug and offs themselves because they were completely clueless and unprepared for what was about to happen, we blame the drugs, the dealers, terrorists, society, everyone but the very people that harm themselves. I feel sorry for the girl's family, I really do, but this was her own fault first and foremost. The dealer could be responsible if he really did not know what he was selling or how it should be used. But come on, it's your own body, your own brain, surely you should do at least some research as to what you're about to subject yourself to. You wouldn't go skydiving without a qualified instructor, or get into a Formula 1 car without a lot of racing experience beforehand (unless maybe you're Richard Hammond), so why would you casually waltz into something like this? And if someone is selling something that they have no idea about themselves, would you buy it from them, especially if it's a powerful psychoactive?

    I guess you could blame some parts of society after all. Prohibition makes sure that there are no checks on quality and absolutely no control over who buys what, and that accurate unbiased information is diluted with mindless propaganda and urban legend to the point that the average layman has no idea whom to trust. People buy and use overwhelmingly powerful psychoactives from other people that have no idea what they're selling, and fewer still have any clear idea as to how these things should be used in the first place.

    It really is a brutal and bitter irony that the things that were held to be most sacred and reverent in earlier societies have come to be vilified in later societies, and religions have come to detest the very sacraments of the earlier religions that spawned them. Nonsense piled on nonsense piled on bizarre nonsense shrouded in brutality and injustice. Or, in other words, business as usual.
  18. salviablue
    Although i agree most vehemently with the vast majority of sentiments here, and as much as i want to lay full blame on the girl and her friends for not only causing a death, causing someone to have killed, and further bringing magic mushrooms into the demonized lime light, she/they are most certainly not entirely to blame. Even though it is the users responsibility to ensure they 'rtfm' first and understand it.

    The supplier has a responsibility to ensure the product s/he is supplying not only is safe for its intended use but that supplier understands all there is to know concerning selling the product, i.e. Likely strength, preparation, dangers etc. And to provide information on such. The vendor should at least be satisfied the buyer/intended user has sufficient knowledge/sense to use the product safely. They have also the responsibility to make reasonable effort to safe guard the quality of the product and ensure it is adequately and correctly identified.
    Not all of this is entirely relevant here as there has not been enough information supplied in the article. But the essence stays. From the information supplied it is impossible to tell if the vendor was indeed some way responsible but 15 years when cold blooded murderers get away with less....

    The education system is also responsible. Misinformation is as dangerous, if not more so, than no information. The education system also has a responsibility to ensure pupils understand information relaxed to them.

    Parents/guardians have the responsibility to teach common sense etc.

    And ultimately the government, in all its greed, power and control infested politics, is driven by people more interested in instigating and sustaining expensive control programs so they can skim yet higher improportioned wages, employ more like minded thieves, connivers and sympathetic bullies and 'entrapenaurs' (sorry can't spell atm) to perpetuate thier reign, that they ultimately give legal preference to those companies, ventures and institutions that provide them with those neccessary, nearly incomprehensibly massive funds. The government is also somewhat responsible for the education system.
    It is also responsible for the total lack of control over drugs, even a lot of the legal ones. I have no idea why they call illegal drugs 'controlled substances', controlled by whom?

    There was more but my thumb is cramping up (bloody phone being only current connection ability)!
  19. el burgo
    They grow naturally upon our planet. If your gonna buy shrooms do your research okay? Don't trip near motorways.
    Sorry if that sounds harsh but - i think 15 years is a bit too far.
  20. sweettea
    It would be worth following to find out if a civil suit is going to be raised. After all, we Americans have the nasty characteristic of holding everyone else responsible for our actions rather than ourselves. Granted, 17 is young, but it's old enough to have a driver's license (scary) and therefore be responsible for any number of other person's lives.

    Still, it's all rather sad. Education, would have been so much better. Parent's have to educated the human being they have brought into this world, not just in reading, writing and arithmetic,. but all other social\self responsibilities as well, e.g. drugs, sex, etc. Sad
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