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Drug dealer posed for photo of himself with name spelt out in cocaine

By Guttz, May 27, 2013 | |
  1. Guttz
    The snap on his mobile phone put the dimwit in the frame when it was found by police investigating his drugs gang

    This photo spelt big trouble for bungling drugs runner Wayne Braund who posed for the camera after writing his own name in cocaine.

    Braund, 31, was snorting the drug with mates when he used his bank card to line up the powder to say “Braundy”.

    The snap on his mobile phone put the dimwit in the frame when it was found by police investigating his drugs gang.

    Another photo showed one of Braund’s accomplices grinning in a cannabis factory.

    The incriminating evidence helped officers nail the 10-man gang which has now been jailed for importing around £4.5million worth of ecstasy, speed, cocaine and cannabis into Britain disguised as tinned fruit.

    Ironically, the crooks prided themselves on being “untraceable” by regularly switching mobiles and deleting photos.

    The mob, based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, shipped drugs to the UK from the Netherlands and sold them on to gangs in Liverpool, Leeds, London and Glasgow.

    Braund, of Rochdale, admitted conspiracy to import and supply drugs and was jailed for nine-and-a-half years.

    After the case at Minshull Street crown court in Manchester, Det Supt Jason Hudson, from elite police squad Titan which smashed the gang, said: “The incriminating pictures showed the audacity of these criminals.”

    Police rounded up the gang after raiding a flat and finding a huge stash including cannabis resin weighing 28 stone.

    Gang boss Jason Seale, 45, of Bacup, Lancs, also admitted conspiracy and was jailed for 14 years. He had spent time in prison for similar crimes.

    Six other Britons – Byron Milne, 29, Ceri Wilmot, 41, Andrew O’Reilly, 27, Michael Connolly, 28, Steven Petrie, 47, and Saied Omidi, 53 – all from Rochdale, were jailed for between 2½ and 14½ years.

    Dutchmen Theodorus Van Gelder, 54, and Edwin Gorlee, 47, got eight and 10 years respectively.

    By Steve White
    27 May 2013 00:00


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