Drug dealers criminals - loyalist

By Lunar Loops · Nov 7, 2007 · ·
  1. Lunar Loops
    Hardly any surprises here. This from BBC News:

    Drug dealers criminals - loyalist

    A leading member of the UDA's political wing has admitted individual UDA members may be among those involved in drug dealing in north Belfast.

    Frankie Gallagher said that if this was the case, they should be treated as criminals and prosecuted.
    His claims followed the death of a teenager who hanged himself days after taking veterinary tablets.
    A doctor from the area said the drugs problem was now worse than at any time over the past 30 years.
    Dr Sean Donnelly said the situation may be partly due to a greater "freedom" within society because to the peace dividend.
    "There's definitely an awful lot more children being presented to me by their parents with the effects of drugs," he said.

    Dean Clarke, 16, spent almost a week in intensive care after taking a drugs overdose - but after being discharged from hospital, he took his own life.
    Frankie Gallagher, of the UPRG, said: "All of the drug dealing that's going on in Tigers Bay is by people in Tigers Bay.
    "Some of the mothers are actually dealing drugs in Tigers Bay."
    He said he accepted that some individual UDA members may be involved, adding: "The organisation of the UDA is absolutely dedicated and determined no members will be involved in crime or criminality.
    "Any people who are masquerading as loyalists who are selling drugs are scum.
    "There is one person in particular, there's a number of other people in Tigers Bay, there's a lot of complex issues."
    On Monday, Evangelical Presbyterian minister Robert Beckett said people were afraid as paramilitaries "remained untouched". He claimed police were not active enough in the area. The police said they were proactively addressing the problem.

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  1. FuBai
    How can they possibly justify implying that the suicide was caused by the drug use? Drug use levels and problem use levels are higher amongst the clinically depressed anyway, so it could just as well have been that the pill didn't make him happy enough... It even says that he "took an overdose", so we don't know if it was with suicidal intentions that he embarked upon the use of the drug. Damn the simplistic, popularist media!
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