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Drug dealers’ e-cigarettes cannabis risk

  1. Rob Cypher
    Experts are extracting THC – the mind-bending chemical in marijuana – from plants and turning it into cannabis oil using highly-explosive chemicals.

    Liquid THC has already sparked several blasts in US drug dens.

    In scenes reminiscent of TV series Breaking Bad, dealers are *turning bedrooms into labs to bottle the liquid that’s four times as strong as dope. They then flog it to dealers who sell it on the streets.

    Pot users are snapping up vials of it, pouring it into e-cig cartridges and smoking it, leaving police struggling to detect the liquid that has virtually no smell.

    Our investigator met a cannabis dealer in Wigan, Lancs, after a tip-off that liquid THC was being sold on the streets. Offering our man 50ml of the stuff – also known as hash oil – for £20, he said: “It is the most powerful form of weed out there.

    “When you think most weed contains 20-30% THC, this blows it out of the water. It is 80-95% pure. It’s the equivalent to about 100 spliffs.”

    The oil, which has also been used by cancer patients to help with their symptoms, is made by dissolving marijuana in a canister filled with butane. It is then boiled and purified.

    Scott Hesketh
    September 8, 2013
    Daily Star (UK)



  1. I_MISS_160s
    Re: Drug dealers’ e-cigarettes cannibis risk

    Ummm.... Sure thing...

    This is an amazing tale of sorts. Don't these people know it's quite easy to 'vaporize' marijuana using propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG)?

    Neither one of the above is 'highly explosive'

    Oh these evil drug-doers and their blow-uppidy labs!
  2. CannabisBenzoBuddie
    Re: Drug dealers’ e-cigarettes cannibis risk

    This story is a little off in its reporting... But its how the oil from the plant is being extracted which is with BUTANE and people are blowing them self's up cause they don't know what there doing...

    This shits like 3 years old... I guess other countrys are just catching on..
  3. I_MISS_160s
    Re: Drug dealers’ e-cigarettes cannibis risk

    " Hey man, Will you light this cigarette in my mouth while I mash up this pot in this big bucket of Butane"?

    Uhhh.. suuure doood!

    b-b-bang. Population control?
  4. bhonkers
    Re: Drug dealers’ e-cigarettes cannibis risk

    I didn't really take the time to read that. I just seen 'mind mending chemical marijuana' and highly explosive chemicals..

    and my brain instantly went into comspiracy mode...

    Terrorists are using cannabis bombs!
  5. Motorway
    Re: Drug dealers’ e-cigarettes cannibis risk

    The Daily star at the forefront of investigative journalism once again, the investigator met his dealer in WIGAN! Lol

    When their not couch locked.
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